Squid Game – the Global Phenomenon’s Life Lessons

Squid Game – the Global Phenomenon’s Life Lessons

Squid Game is still on the rise, climbing the stairs of global recognition, taking over all the world for its unique premise and deadly children’s games. The Korean show has a lot to offer behind the savage gory plot, and this article brings out precisely that so you don’t miss out.

Squid Game is amassing fans worldwide for its thrilling survival storyline and vibrant yet murderous gameplay. However, the lessons hidden speak louder if noticed. So much so that the person who won all 45.6 billion won, Seong Gi-Hun, had a moral high ground over the rest of the competitors.

Besides entertaining, any series or movie proves its worth by the lessons of life it brings out for the audiences. Such has been a trend since the advent of cinema. A character could be as perfect as a dreamy knight or princess. Or whether s/he conducts life within the realistic grey area, the teachings manifested form an essential outcome of the content.

Lessons that Squid Game teaches

The 456 players compete in a total of 6 eliminating children’s games, where elimination means death. Each of these brutal games has a lesson to offer.

To Prepare Beforehand

The first game Green Light, Red Light, caught all the participants by surprise when the first player got eliminated. The panic which followed got more people killed.

One should be careful of the rules because all rules cannot be broken in the game of life. And panic never yields anything fruitful.

Be attentive in all the games of life.

Don’t Let People Rush You With Their Timelines

The second game where they have to cut out a shape from a honeycomb with a needle needed patience and brain. There was a timer, not first past the line. Whoever panicked by others wins and shakingly broke their shape lost and got killed.

You achieve success at your own pace, in your own time. Do not compare with what others do.

Man Eats Man

The fight that broke out on the night of the second game is a testimony to this. The players engaged in an ambush in the night when lights went off to eliminate as many as possible. Obviously, for cutting out the competition in the games to come. Not a positive lesson, but Squid Game does highlight the fact that man eats man when it comes to their self-benefit.

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Survival Precedes Every Tenet Of Morality

Undoubtedly, all rules of moral judgment were broken by the players when it came to their survival. Overwhelmed by vulnerabilities, survival preceded the judgment of right and wrong. It always does.

Intelligence Wins Over Power

The team with 3 women and 1 old man won the Tug-of-war game against all men’s team because of the old man’s wisdom and the intelligent last-minute strategy that changed the entire game. It was the mind that won over the power of many men on the other side.

Wisdom beats power.

Trust, Honesty, and Betrayal

Squid Game had not one but many treacheries happening. The most heartbreaking of all was what Sang-Woo did to Ali. Ali was winning the game of marbles, but Sang-Woo cheated and used Ali’s innocence to fool him and take all the marbles.

To trust is not easy. Don’t fall for people you just meet, because building trust is a process. It does take time and compassion.

Finishing Last Does Not Mean Failure

The Glass game was more a matter of luck. Yet, it gives an important lesson. Finishing last does not mean you fail. People ahead of you could fail first because they were ahead and faced obstacles earlier and unprepared. You can always learn and grow from them while fighting better prepared and experienced.

Money Cannot Buy Happiness Or Satisfaction

The host and VIPs behind the game’s intent proved that a man can not be satisfied despite having all the money. Gambling sports and Casinos are existing shreds of evidence of this fact. People bet on their money for adventure. In Squid Game, they gambled on real people. The people who were turned into numbers from 1 to 456, like horses of some gambling race. They participated because they were debt-ridden and wanted money for survival in the capitalist world.

Hope In Humanity

Towards the end of the last episode, a test of humanity again happens. This time in the real world. A drunk shabby man was lying on the footpath with snow falling over. It was chilling cold. Many passersby ignored him and walked straight past him. Though, he got rescued when a woman informed the police and came with them to the location. Humanity does win.

Let us know what more lessons did you learn from the series?

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