Sights, Sounds, and the Flavors of Italy, Here’s You Guide to ‘Toscana’ on Netflix With a Bitter Chef on a Sweet Transformation

Sights, Sounds, and the Flavors of Italy, Here’s You Guide to ‘Toscana’ on Netflix With a Bitter Chef on a Sweet Transformation

There’s a vivid collection of regional movies and shows on Netflix that hardly fails to impress because they’re gems from their respective regions. After the likes of The Platform and The Takedown, Netflix’s latest addition to its regional library is Toscana. It’s the first Danish movie to get to Netflix and was shot only in 19 days! It follows a Danish chef and takes place in Italy, making it an exciting cultural fusion. The locations and the actors add to the visual appease of the film; and because it follows a Michelin star chef, the movie is mouth-watering too.

What is Toscana on Netflix about?

Theo is a Danish Chef who is uptight and angry. He is stupidly meticulous with his work and likes to live in the details, which if not done according to his taste, would get the biggest scolds of life. Theo has a dream of opening the perfect restaurant. He comes to Tuscany for the same reason, to sell his dead father’s restaurant; and take back the money to Denmark for his own restaurant.

His life takes a turn for good when he’s influenced by several people on this short trip. Sophia is one such people. She has run the restaurant for years and has a sentimental value attached to it. She hates that Theo wants to sell it. Theo of course doesn’t care and arranges a buyer through Pino, Sophia’s fiancee. Eventually, Sophia changes his perspective of life and love; and teaches him to cook with love instead of precision.

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Now it’s for the viewers to see if Theo transforms from an angry stoic man to an appreciator of beauty. And if he does, what are the contributors to his change? Does he manage to sell the restaurant or Sophia’s conviction makes him stay back?

The cast and the location

The cast of the movie includes Anders Mattheson as Theo, Cristiana Dell’Anna as Sophia, Sebastian Jessen as Zeuten, Andrea Bosca as Pino,  Lærke Winther as Merle, Ghita Norby as Inge and Ari Alexander as Lai, according to IMDB.

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Toscana means Tuscany in Italy. Its’s plentiful natural beauty has served as a backdrop to several movies in the past like The House of Gucci, Inferno, Hannibal and several others. Toscana is a major food source for Italy, which is the reason for its plains and wide fields that meet the horizon.

Toscana is sure to be a visual and a cultural treat with all the food that’s being introduced. It addresses small details like people changing languages while talking, like Europeans are exposed to. You will have to watch to tell. Stream it on Netflix and do let us know in the comments how you liked it.

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