Your Guide to ‘The Perfect Family’ (La Familia Perfecta) 2022: Cast, Ending Explained, Shooting Locations, and More

Your Guide to ‘The Perfect Family’ (La Familia Perfecta) 2022: Cast, Ending Explained, Shooting Locations, and More

Fans have loved watching family dramas in the past. They are relatable and come with the ease of watching. A well-done family drama will rarely fail to attract audiences. Netflix has launched one such drama which has an exceptionally good storyline and a promising cast. The Perfect Family 2022 aka La Familia Perfecta is a Spanish-language movie that is the latest Netflix sensation. The movie is joyful, full of characters, and will surely tickle your funny bone. The inclusion of so many characters means fans get to see many different personalities.

The Perfect Family 2022 cast

The Perfect Family has the perfect cast. It has several actors that fans know and love seeing on screen. In the long list of characters, Belen Rueda is the lead who fans are familiar with from You Shall Not Sleep. Belen has won several Spanish awards for her acting skills. Jose Coronado is another award-winning actor who plays Miguel in the story. Gonzalo de Castro who plays Ernesto, Lucia’s husband, is a Doctor Mateo fame. Other cast members include Fat People fame Pepa Aniorte as Miguel’s wife Amparo, GOYA award-winning actress Carolina Yuste as Sara, Gonzalo Ramos as Pablo, Lalo Tenorio as Toni, Jesus Vidal as Don Custodio, Maria Hervas as Olmido, Huichi Chiu as Trini, Belen Fabra as Gloria,  Lola Marceli as Victoria, and Israel Elejalde as conductor; according to IMDb.

Filming Locations

The movie is shot in Spain. Most of it is shot in Rascafría and Guadarrama in Madrid. It has some shots in Brihuega, Guadalajara in Castilla-La Mancha.

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How The Perfect Family story unfolds

The Perfect Family follows Lucia and her affluent family. Her husband Ernesto is an astronomer but doesn’t know where the fridge is. Their housekeeper Trini has OCD and is annoyingly particular about what goes where. Lucia disapproves of most things her family does but is the perfect protagonist as her humor is a delight to watch. Things take a sharp turn when Lucia’s son Pablo introduces them to his girlfriend Sara, who he plans on marrying. Sara is outspoken and foul-mouthed and belongs to a not-so-rich family, the reason why Lucia doesn’t like her very much.

The plot thickens when Lucia meets Sara’s family. Miguel, Pablo, Sara, and Lucia go to a forest cabin to discuss wedding details. On the way there, she sees Sara living carefree in her young days, which triggers Lucia into thinking about how carefree she was when she was young.

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Lucia falls in her cabin trying at night, trying to shut the open window, Miguel helps her get up and puts her in the bed; which is when she feels the heat between her and Miguel. They kiss in the kitchen in the following scene; after which Lucia flees as she’s embarrassed about betraying her family.

At their children’s wedding, Miguel confronts Lucia about his feelings for her and tries kissing her; in the attempt, he falls over her. That’s when Miguel’s wife Amparo walks in and sees them on top of each other. Miguel admits his love for Lucia, whereas Lucia denies it. The anger leads Amparo to grab a mic from the DJ booth and announce her husband’s betrayal.

The ending explained

Lucia decides to tell Ernesto the truth, yells at him, and leaves him at the wedding venue. She packs her belongings the same night and leaves for a place to stay alone. This is because she realizes that there is no romantic attraction between her and Ernesto. On the other hand, her moment-of-heat crush, Miguel is scrambling to put his marriage in place.

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Lucia finds a house of her own, which is a crumbling flat. She cleans the place up herself and builds a home with whatever little money she has. She even wears relaxing clothes, which would’ve been a far cry otherwise; and goes for a haircut. Not only that, she also grooves to local hip-hop music that comes out of her window. She decides to go to her old school to get her position as the principal back. That is when a student who recognizes her bumps into her and gets intimidated, knowing her old strict self. She’s relieved when the new Lucia acknowledges her achievements. Lucia’s working at the school now.

Lucia writes multiple letters to her family members and herself explaining her transition; and that she’s more herself now than ever. Things change when Sara, her in-law, shows up at the school for a job opening. It is for a PE teacher. The aluminous of the school who is interviewing Sara, unaware of her relations with Lucia; reveals that the school doesn’t discriminate against pregnant women. This is when Lucia finds out she’s expecting a grandchild.

The story concludes that Lucia is at peace after shedding all the layers that affluence put on her. She doesn’t feel obligated to be with her sweet husband. She does all the things she used to do when she was young and once again starts living carefree. In the end, the question that bothers viewers is- Will Sara become another Lucia after her child comes to life?

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