Shawn Levy Warns ‘Stranger Things’ Fans for a Special Surprise Along With the Season 4 Release

Shawn Levy Warns ‘Stranger Things’ Fans for a Special Surprise Along With the Season 4 Release

Shawn Levy is a Canadian filmmaker, well versed in directing, producing, and acting. Known for directing The Big Fat Liar, The Night at The Museum, and the more recent Free Guy; Levy acted as an executive producer for Stranger Things and also directed 8 episodes including the new season. He also appeared in a cameo role in season 1 of the show. His role was that of a morgue worker in the fourth episode called ‘The Body’. Shawn Levy jumped into the rapid stream of fan hype on Twitter, announcing a surprise for Stranger Things fans.

Shawn Levy revealed a surprise for Stranger Things fans

The fan hype for Stranger Things season 4 is out of control. With only two days to go before its 27th May release, they are completely losing it. Amidst the fan chaos, what better medium than Twitter to announce a Stranger Things surprise? Here’s Shawn’s Tweet that took Twitter by storm.

Hundreds of BTS pictures of Stranger Things 4? That’s like the biggest weapon of mass destruction in the world! There was already so much to wait for, and now this. Seems like Shawn empathizes with the fans and wants them to live it not just watch it. Here are some reactions of the fans living for it.

Stranger Things’ journey to life

Shawn Levy founded 21 Laps Entertainment, a production house that has several acclaimed projects under its belt. It co-produced big titles like Arrival, The Darkest Minds, Night at the Museum, and most recently, The Adam Project. The Vice President at 21 Laps, pitched Shawn the pilot of Stranger Things. Shawn instantly fell for it and invited the Duffer Brothers to his office. Originally, he was only going to fulfill the role of a producer for the show; but they weren’t finished writing the script for season 1 when episodes 1 and 2 were already shot, so Levy took up directing for 3rd and the 4th episode so the Duffers could focus on writing the rest of the season.

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Shawn then continued to direct 2 episodes every season. Stranger Things 4 has no risk of not living up to the expectations; because the star cast is already a hit and the makers are experienced. The episodes are long enough for the audiences to quench their long thirst. Critic reviews for the new season reflect the same.

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Are you going to devour the new season in one go or consume it tastefully? Do let us know in the comments. Also, here’s an in-depth recap of all the seasons; and here’s the brief recap for season 3, to get you updated on everything before the new season.


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