Revisiting 80’s Retro With Unseen Stranger Things Season 4 Behind the Scenes Images

Revisiting 80’s Retro With Unseen Stranger Things Season 4 Behind the Scenes Images

As we are eagerly waiting for Stranger Things season 4 to release, we have a little surprise for you. While the show is set in the ’80s, the show is taking us to an era that is foreign to us. Yet, we have got something very interesting for you to explore.

This sci-fi drama has been displaying such places throughout previous seasons, the 4th one is no exception. Divided into two parts, they are going to release the first part in a few days now. The title of the first episode in the upcoming season is “The Hellfire Club”. It begins with some children in the very room where Eleven essentially escaped and we are suspicious of the situation.

Stranger Things 4 takes us back to the ’80s once again!

Looking at the ’80s here in this show makes us wonder and excited about the story moving ahead. The characters’ appearance, the setting, the devices, and the language all bring us back to that era.

One huge mall, one underground place, the culture, the dances, the sparkling lights, and the twists of the plot are some of the symbolic tools used to take us back to the era. What is the most fascinating is its scientific approach. The show is Science fiction, something which makes this drama a lot more thrilling.

Sneak peek of Stranger Things BTS

As Stranger Things has taken us to the ’80s, we have some pictures from behind the scenes for you.

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Now we know what makes them our favorite characters! Because of this off-screen hard work, chemistry, and energy, we get to see the best of each actor. It will be very interesting to explore all the relationships in Stranger Things 4 which started in the previous season.

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We literally cannot wait to see where this season is going to take Eleven, Will, and Joyce, as they have another life away from Hawkings.

Our Summer 2022 will be much more exciting and full of surprises with this ’80s era!

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