Ryan Reynolds With His Little Alter Walker Scobell Gives Hilarious New Updates About the Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds With His Little Alter Walker Scobell Gives Hilarious New Updates About the Adam Project

Trailer launches are always a big deal for any film. And studios go to a great length so that their trailer launch is as publicized as the release of the movie itself. Before the pandemic trailer, launch, or date reveals were done in person, and huge crowds joined the whole cast. However, as pandemic has limited our option of gathering, studios have successfully worked their way around it. That is why a new video by Ryan Reynolds has been posted on his Twitter account.

Get ready for tomorrow or you can wait Ryan’s not picky

Ryan is wildly excited about his new Netflix Original Film, The Adam Project. He has been talking about it at interviews and posting about the film’s special premiere on his Instagram handle too. So when it was time to announce the much-anticipated trailer launch, it made sense to allow Reynolds to post about it too!

Ryan is hilarious and sarcastic in the video, just like we love him. He introduces himself and his co-star Walker Scobell who plays Ryan’s younger self in the film.

In the promotional video, Ryan Reynolds very wittily introduced the whole cast of The Adam Project by weaving the story that in the future, after the trailer is released, catastrophic events occur.

After the trailer’s success, the story goes on like there is a surge in search of Buffalo as people mispronounce Mark Ruffalo’s name. As a result, Buffalo in New York rises in popularity, making Canada jealous. And they kidnap Mark. This enrages Zoe Saldana, who becomes a physicist and makes a time bomb that blows up in the past ceasing Canada out of existence. And if you’re wondering about Jenefer Garner, don’t worry; she is great. Isn’t she?!

Are you excited for The Adam Project starring Ryan Reynolds?

We are extremely excited for the film and the trailer as after the initial reaction, many people were giving it hot reviews. We have a complied review of The Adam Project on our website. Check it out.

The Adam Project tells the story of Adam Reed, a time-traveling pilot who teams up with his younger self to save the future.

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What do you think about the film? Does it look promising to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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