‘The Adam Project’ Initial Reviews Are Out To Raise Our Excitement and Expectations

‘The Adam Project’ Initial Reviews Are Out To Raise Our Excitement and Expectations

It seems that Netflix is excited about its new film, The Adam project. Even though the film isn’t available to be streamed till the next month, Netflix has been showing off the film to the press and letting the gossip build. Recently, the streaming platform went on to screen the movie for the selected people. Hours after the screening, people have started tweeting about the film.

Let us have a look at what the reviews are!

First Photos From Ryan Reynolds Upcoming Netflix "The Adam Project" Movie
Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell in The Adam Project

The initial reaction looks promising

After a highly successful run on Free Guy, director Shawn Levy reunites with Ryan Reynolds. The film is about a time-traveling pilot who travels back in time with his younger self and his father in the hope of saving the future.

Netflix has shared some initial reactions to the film, and we must admit it has piqued our interest.

Upon the initial reaction, the movie seems popular among the masses for its comedy and heartfelt emotion. Many have come out and said that the real star of the film is Walker Scobell, who plays the younger self of Ryan Reynolds.

The earliest reaction to the film appears to be positive, and it looks like Shawn Levy has managed to re-create the magic he first did in Free Guy.

Ashley Saunders from Comic Book Resources has also praised the film. She has applauded the film for its emotion and light-hearted nature. She ended the tweet saying it’s a must “see.”

While Joey Magidson of Awards radar has complimented Mark Ruffalo and Reynolds for their performances, he admits tearing up in the film and enjoying the action scenes, which reminded him of 80’s Sci-Fi adventures.


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The Adam Project- release date and cast

The Adam projects cast includes Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, and Zoe Salanda. The movie will be available for streaming from 11th March. A teaser for the films is available on youtube, and a trailer will be releasing soon.

Be sure to check our site for a trailer breakdown in the future. Meanwhile, do let us know what you think about the initial reaction.

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