Russo Brothers Call ‘The Gray Man’ Trailer “merely the tip of the iceberg”, Teasing “One’s gotta win and one’s gotta lose” in Ryan Gosling vs Chris Evans

Russo Brothers Call ‘The Gray Man’ Trailer “merely the tip of the iceberg”, Teasing “One’s gotta win and one’s gotta lose” in Ryan Gosling vs Chris Evans

The Gray Man is the most awaited AND the most expensive movie on Netflix this year. Directed by the Russo Brothers, The Gray Man is nothing like one of their superhero movies because this one is in the real world. Starring Ryan Gosling against Chris Evans, the movie calls for competition between the two fan favorites. On Netflix’s YouTube, the Russo Brothers broke down the trailer for The Gray Man and revealed some teasing about the Ryan-Chris rivalry.

Russo Brothers call The Gray Man trailer merely the tip of the iceberg

The Gray Man trailer was the one to introduce its cast to the people, leading to its blow-up. Not only the cast, but it also portrayed the thrilling nature of the movie and how. It was truly a trailer well-made, with insights into all the major scenes of the movie. After the trailer release, fans on Twitter commended Chris’ transformation into a villain, while some said he still felt like the goofy old Chris. They also expressed their trust in the Russo Brothers’ work.

While discussing the trailer, the brothers pointed out that the movie was “really about two movie stars going up against each other”, referring to Chris Evans as the antagonist Lloyd Hansen, going after Ryan gosling as Court Gentry, a former CIA agent. They also said they wanted all the key moments from the movie in the trailer, such as Court meeting Lloyd for the first time; with added music for the viewers to actually feel the thrill of the movie and get goosebumps. Experience it here.

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The key elements from the movie that they added to the trailer, don’t make it to the film, according to the brothers. It might look like they were revealing too much of the movie in the trailer but it has “so much scope, so much drive and so much action, that this is merely the tip of the iceberg.” said Anthony.

It’s a great move to leave trailers on a cliffhanger, for it lures in the viewers indefinitely. Talking about the end of the trailer, Joe Russo explained the cliffhanger; in which we see Ryan and Chris walking toward each other and breaking into a fight; followed by the final black-out.

Russo said that the cliffhanger was in accordance with the main theme of the movie; which is “Ryan Gosling vs Chris Evans”; and it tickles the viewer’s curiosity as it implies, “one’s gotta win one’s gotta lose.”  Till this record-breaking movie comes out, you can fill the void by watching other things on Netflix. Also, don’t forget to let us know in the comments your views of the trailer/movie.

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