Fans Recall Chris Evans’ Previous Bad Guy and Dark Roles as ‘The Gray Man’ Trailer Drops: “he had a banana on his b**t”

Fans Recall Chris Evans’ Previous Bad Guy and Dark Roles as ‘The Gray Man’ Trailer Drops: “he had a banana on his b**t”

There is something about villains that always attracts us to them. They are horrific, frightening, and have a compromised moral compass, and even then, we never seem to forget them. The ability of villains to leave an impact on our minds is intriguing and scary at the same time. And maybe that is the reason, even after portraying Captain America on screen for so long, it is the bad guy roles of Chris Evans that even today feels fresh. Gladly, we will see Evans touch the dark side once again in his upcoming Netflix thriller The Gray Man, and fans can’t help but revisit the times when he played darker roles.

As the trailer for the Russo Brothers and Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’ dropped yesterday, the internet has been anything but calm about it. While many are praising the action and storytelling that await us, a few have traveled back in time. Some fans took a stroll down the memory lane, as they recall Chris Evans’ previous bad guy and dark roles. Let’s see what all did they talk about.

Chris Evans and dark roles: an almost as good a love story as Twilight

I’m glad that Chris Evans doesn’t get stereotyped into “good guy” roles.” One fan wrote, right under the trailer for the Netflix Original. And that is indeed true for many characters that the MCU actor has played throughout his career. Even the previous superhero he played, ‘Human Torch’ in the Fantastic Four films, was not exactly the ideal superhero. He has some mischievous angles to it. “I remember his role as Human Torch in F4 as being somewhat a**hole,” that same fan wrote to justify it.

Back in 2010, Evans played Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldAn evil Hollywood actor and a skateboarder, one of the seven evil exes of the main character’s love interest. And Evans beautifully portrayed the role. Then again, in Not Another Teen Movie, a parody, Evans played the role of the high school hunk and football star. While it was sure funny to see him have that “banana on his butt,” it also showed us the versatility of the actor.

Fans also remembered his roles in Losers (2010) and The Iceman (2012). Let us know which is your favorite bad guy role portrayed by Chris Evans in the comments below.

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The Gray Man will be available to stream on Netflix on July 15, 2022.


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