Reality Romance Shows to a True-Crime Documentary, Netflix Unveils 5 New Unscripted Series and Films From Japan

Reality Romance Shows to a True-Crime Documentary, Netflix Unveils 5 New Unscripted Series and Films From Japan

Netflix Japan is getting a boost. Five unscripted TV and film is coming on the streaming giant. The streamer has officially announced that they have a full-proof plan to release seven Japanese shows in 2022. The new forthcoming Japanese titles include documentaries about true-crime stories, romantic reality shows, a J-pop star, and the art of Kabuki theater. These contents will join ten other unscripted shows from Japan that are already in development.

Netflix is highlighting the shows and films from Asian culture. Just like it helps Korean shows and films to grow all over the world. We guess it’s time for Japan to get the limelight in front of the world.

This new slate will include all types of unscripted genres, starting from the reality show, documentaries, romance, thrillers, comedy, and many more In a conversation with Mitsuko Koyabashi and Taro Goto, the two managers of live-action creative in Japan explains Japanese romantic content goes back to the 1950s. And it is one of the most popular and dominant forms of entertainment. They also added, “From comedy shows to competition shows, Japan’s lean-back variety programs offer the sort of comforting entertainment people have come to expect from television, while reality shows tap into a great enthusiasm for living vicariously through the real-world adventures of on-screen personalities.

Now, let’s explore the titles coming on the platform.

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5 New Unscripted Series and Films From Netflix Japan

There will be five unscripted shows and films, which include Love Village, Love is Blind, LiSA Another Great Day, Sing, Dance, Act: Kabuki, and Tokyo Crime Squad: The Lucie Blackman Case. Now let’s explore a little bit about them.

Love Village is a reality dating show which explores young Japanese singles moving to a house in the mountains. Their aim is to find a partner and to find out whether an idyllic setting will help the love grow.

Japan is getting another season of Netflix’s dating show, Love is Blind. 

LiSA Another Great Day explores the inside life of the Japanese music star. Sing, Dance, Act: Kabuki is a documentary that follows former teen idol and actor Toma Ikuta, as he tries to enroll himself in the world of Japanese Kabuki theater. At last, the fifth title is Tokyo Crime Squad: The Lucie Blackman Case. A documentary that solves the mysterious murder of a British tourist Lucie Blackman.

Previous unscripted shows prove that the hunger for more projects is growing. So, we can hope, these shows and films will do great.

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