Play These Fun Games With Family on Thanksgiving Inspired by Netflix Shows

Play These Fun Games With Family on Thanksgiving Inspired by Netflix Shows

The time of the holidays is best to get together with your families and spend some quality time with them. That is the reason holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas exist; just to make us realize how important our families are and how important it is to be with them. While there are plenty of things that families do together, including eating, dancing, watching movies, and more, there is one thing that brings the most excitement to these celebrations, i.e. games.

So get ready to gather some things that you may, as we give you a list of fun Thanksgiving games inspired by your favorite Netflix Shows.

There are plenty of games that your favorite characters play on TV shows, and many of these games are perfect to play with your friends and family on the Thanksgiving holiday. Let’s just dive in.

Red Light, Green Light – Squid Game

When an entire show is based on games that we played as children, you, of course, need to bring one of these games to real-life this Thanksgiving. Our pick from Squid Game is Red Light, Green Light; as it is one of those games that every one of us has played in one form or another. It requires literally no pieces of equipment. All you need is a group of people, the will to play and you are ready.

We would definitely recommend you eliminate the rule where you kill anyone who loses; instead, give an extra turkey-leg to the winner and make the losers watch them enjoy it. Trust me, it is going to be much more painful.

The Quiz – FRIENDS

We all remember the episode where the guys and the girls of FREINDS end up fighting about who knows more about each other, and Ross comes up with a game where he asks them questions about the other person. It looks so fun watching it. Now imagine playing it with the people who are supposedly the closest to you.

Divide your clan into two teams, with, of course, one of you in charge of asking questions. See how close exactly are with your families, as you spend hours answering and learning things about them.

Pictionary – The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is filled with all the nerd stuff and with that comes a cornucopia of nerdy games as well. But trust me, some of these are super fun to play. Of course, we are not talking about Sheldon’s famous 3-D chess or Dungeons & Dragons; we are talking about the very delightful Pictionary. All you require is a couple of sheets of paper and a few markers, and you are in for at least an hour of unmatched jollification.

Suggestion, never make the same mistake as Leonard and Sheldon. Letting the girls be together in one team can prove to be a very lethal decision, always make a mixed team.

Thanksgiving fun games from The Office Olympics Games – The Office

Normal shows give you maybe one game in a few tens of episodes, but The Office isn’t a normal show. The sitcom has an entire episode dedicated to the fun pastime games that the employees of Dunder Mifflin played during office hours. Because you can always “die” of boredom, ask Jim. The show created a full-fledged event named The Office Olympics, where yogurt lids were used as medals (Pam’s creativity).

You can pick the games shown in this episode, which include: Angela Ball (named so because it pissed off Angela), where you just flick a paper football back and forth, or you can play Dunderball, all you have to do is bounce a small ball over the divider until one of the two people drops it. See, you can have your very own Family Olympics, hell you will even have better replacements for medals, at least better than yogurt lids.

Halloween Heist – Brooklyn 99

The 99th precinct from Brooklyn 99 has this weird annual game called Halloween Heist, where they hide stuff within the premises of the building and they declare the person who finds it the Ultimate Detective/Genius. While the game is named after the festival of Halloween, you can play it any time of the year; in our case, we will call it Thanksgiving Heist.

So gather a few things from your house, and hide them somewhere safe and in secret; now watch your whole house turn into a detective’s workplace as your in-house Sherlock’s get to the task.

Let us know which are your favorite Thanksgiving fun games.

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