Real Life Squid Game Pop-Up Brought by Netflix to Koreatown in Los Angeles for Locals to Stumble Upon

Real Life Squid Game Pop-Up Brought by Netflix to Koreatown in Los Angeles for Locals to Stumble Upon

It was all a “Green Light” in downtown LA when Netflix brought the beloved Korean show to life. There is no denying that in the past two months Squid Game has really become a global sensation. While there was news about replicating the show in real life, Netflix decided to take matters into their own hand by bringing Real Life Squid Game to Koreatown, Los Angeles.

The Netflix Original has taken the world by storm, primarily owing to its wicked take on simple and innocent childhood games; both Korean and globally known. And with Halloween right around the corner, it was bound to create a buzz among people. With the signature jumpsuits and white slip-on; retailers all around the world have reported a spike in sales of these items.

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Real Life Squid Game in LA

Netflix upped the game by one more step in the City of Angels when they brought the crazy games from the show to life as a “Halloween Surprise”. An amazing setup was created to give people an experience of a lifetime. People came and played games that were featured on the show. The games included the recruiting game “Ddakji”, the tasty-but kinda wicked “Honeycomb/Ppopgi” where people carve out shapes from a dalgona candy, and of course the most famous “Red Light! Green Light!”.

The visitors even got to witness more than just the games, as they were even given the signature blue jumpsuits that all the players wore during the course of the show. There even were those masked soldiers from the show wearing the red jumpsuits and controlling the games around the venue.

Squid Game and Halloween

There never was a doubt that the Netflix show was going to cause a global phenomenon. With Halloween right around the corner, it came sooner than later. Pretty much like the signature Money Heist red jumpsuits a few years back and the Joker cosplay, the jumpsuits from the Korean drama were destined to have been a hit among people this Halloween.

Everyone saw it coming. Even the New York school district saw it, as they banned any costume inspired by the show. It really tells you about how crazy and wicked this show was when talking about its games and plot.

Netflix posted a video from this little re-creation of the show on their Twitter handle. It was clear that fans had an amazing time enjoying the American and Korean cultures coming together in the most beautiful way possible (a little awkward too).

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