“Of returning players all catfishing but…”: A Fan Has an Insane Idea for the Circle Season 5, Netflix Must Check Out

“Of returning players all catfishing but…”: A Fan Has an Insane Idea for the Circle Season 5, Netflix Must Check Out

Given its never-seen-before concept, the hype around The Circle is an obvious one. Season 4 and 5 of the show were announced together; so the anticipation for season 5 has brought solace to the grieving hearts of the fans after season 4 ended. Twitter being the major common ground for fans; was bombarded with speculations for the upcoming season. The fans had also grown fond of the contestants, which became another topic of discussion. A fan suggested a quirky idea, for The Circle to incorporate in season 5, and received a significant response.

What did the fan want from The Circle season 5 on Netflix?

The Circle isn’t just a reality show, it’s a complex mix of reality and a game show. Players are allotted apartments in the same building but aren’t supposed to see each other or even know who the other players are. The players then chat or play games with the other players from a screen called ‘The Circle’. While doing this they can pose as themselves or as a catfish and manipulate other contestants into thinking they are real personalities. Every contestant is rated based on how real they come off as.

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Like its innovative concept, The Circle‘s ideas with contestants became more creative every season. In the last season we saw Spice Girls Mel B and Emma Bunton, together pose as the catfish Jared. In this already complicated gameplay, a fan wanted to add a variation. Here’s their tweet.


Grace! wanted the contestants from the past seasons to catfish for the upcoming season; without them knowing there are other returners in the cast.

Is this fan’s request a possibility?

While it’s not uncommon for most reality shows to bring in their popular past contestants; this can be a difficult one for The Circle. In a show where your identity is of the utmost importance to win the prize, the slightest of slips can result in a loss.

Since the former contestants know each other well, they might reveal their invitation to one another, thinking others weren’t invited. Also, there is a rule in The Circle that allows the evicted player to meet a contestant of their choice. If a playing contestant comes across another past player, they will suspect other players of being past contestants too; thus blowing the cover. Hence, Grace‘s suggestion seems like a far cry.

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Whether or not this is taken seriously; The Circle season 5 is going to get the most views out of all its seasons, as per the show’s viewer history. Its one-of-its-kind nature attracts plenty every day; who come with minimal expectations and get addicted.

The Circle is up for streams on Netflix, so go watch it if you haven’t. Also, do let us know in the comments your ideas for season 5; you never know which one might just come to fruition.

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