Noah Schnapp Hints at One or More Deaths Because “The [Stranger Things] Cast Is So Big”

Noah Schnapp Hints at One or More Deaths Because “The [Stranger Things] Cast Is So Big”

The most awaited show of the year, Stranger Things season 4 is almost here. Fans can’t stop talking about how fast the kids have grown and how astonishing their maturity is. Because fans love seeing their casual off-screen banter, the kids bring so much revenue to whoever hosts them. They have also been appearing on talk shows and interviews to promote the upcoming season. While the new season hasn’t even begun, talks of the next season are already doing rounds. In one such interview, Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown hinted at deaths in the new season.

Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown share what they expect from season 5

Netflix announced season 5 as the last and final season of the show. The Duffers said that, unlike the other seasons, because of the pandemic, they actually had the time to write season 4 before starting to shoot it. This enabled them to outline season 5 too; making seasons 4 and 5 ‘a piece‘. In an interview with The Wrap, Millie and Noah spoke of their favorite 80s movies and what they expect from the last season. 

Millie didn’t reveal much in her answer as she said, “I am scared to vocalize anything that I want, because it always turns into ‘Millie Bobby Brown’ demands this storyline.” She continued to say, “I’m just going to say I trust the Duffer Brothers and their creative process.”  She even asked Noah if he wants Will to die, then said, “We’re all afraid of one of us dying.” 

That’s when Noah said, “One of us will die. Or more. The cast is so big.” Could he be talking about Season 4? Guess we’ll never know until we see the show.

Joking about the big cast, Millie spoke of how difficult it was to cram everybody in for a photo on the premiere night. She said, “You need to start killing people off” and joked about having a massacre in season 5.

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Millie even accused the Duffers to be sensitive and said they need to have the Game of Thrones mindset of killing people off. She said, “They tried killing David(Hopper) off and they brought him back!” So the Duffers might actually not kill anybody in the upcoming season.

The new season follows three locations, California, Hawkins, and Russia. Eleven and Will are in California, where their mother Joyce took them to protect them from the dangers of Hawkins. Hawkins is where the rest of the Stranger Things kids including Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Steve are.

Russia is where Hopper is. The adults Joyce Byers and Bill Murray have teamed up to rescue Hopper, out of a nearly impossible to break-in Russian prison. Sorry if you think summaries are spoilers, but these revelations will only double your excitement for the upcoming season. If you want to brush up on the past seasons real quick, here’s the recap.

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