After Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian Has Started Her Own Podcast, but Which One Will Find Better Success?

After Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian Has Started Her Own Podcast, but Which One Will Find Better Success?

Meghan Markle or Kim Kardashian, who makes a better podcaster? Both celebrities are in the limelight quite a lot. While one was an actress, the other is a socialite. But one thing common between these businesswomen is their love of motherhood. The SKIMS owner is currently going through a divorce from their former husband, Kanye West, with whom she shares four children.

Meanwhile, Markle made her return to Hollywood after a long break. The Duchess of Sussex is adjusting to a new life after leaving behind Royal Duties, to reset her family with Prince Harry in the USA. She even started a new Spotify podcast after her son Archie. But now that the lead Kardashian has also entered the podcast competition, who will do better, and why?

Meghan Markle or Kim Kardashian, who has a better reach for the successful podcast?

The first few episodes of Markle’s podcast were indeed star-studded. But Kim Kardashian recently entered the highly potential podcast market. The successful entrepreneur seems to already be acing in her new role. She recently released her Spotify podcast episode called The System: The Case Of Kevin Keith. Some already think that it will be more successful than Markle’s podcast Archetypes. While, The System is focused on real crime-based stories, Archetypes interviews successful celebrities, as they discuss their rise and struggles and dive into deep talks with the host.

Though there is also a question of whether their podcasts are comparable. Some claim that Kardashian already has the upper hand in the game because crime-based content is watched by the mass public in general, as compared to Archetypes’ content and format. Moreover, documented crime content is high on credibility and more relatable amongst people as opposed to celebrity lives.

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While Archetypes topped the Spotify list in August, The System topped in October of this year. Mathew Passy, the CEO of The Podcast Consultant, explained why he thinks the latter could be more successful. “True Crime doesn’t really have a niche. Anybody can be interested in a true crime podcast,” as opposed to Markle’s show, which requires a specific audience.

Which of these shows do you think will be victorious in the long run? Let us know in the comments.

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