“Obsession to be voted popular” – Meghan Markle Reflects on the Compulsion to Be Perfect in the Latest Archetypes Episode

“Obsession to be voted popular” – Meghan Markle Reflects on the Compulsion to Be Perfect in the Latest Archetypes Episode

With her podcast Archetypes, Meghan Markle is carving a niche for herself in society. After successfully dissecting the troops like dragon lady, singleton, dive, bimbo, and angry black women, Markle came up with another episode to speak about another toxic stereotype that confines women from achieving greater things.

In the eighth episode of the Spotify show titled Good Wife / Bad Wife, Good Mom/Bad Mom, Meghan Markle discussed the pressure put on women for being ideal wives, daughters, moms, and sisters. Along with her three guests namely Pamela Adlon, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, and Sam Jay, Meghan reflected on the limitation that society puts on the female gender.

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Meghan Markle disregards the compulsion to be perfect 

Interacting with Trudeau, Meghan Markle reflected on how difficult it becomes to essay the role of a wife and daughter while being a public figure. For the unversed, Trudeau is the wife of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Duchess also mentioned the enormous guilt that women generally undergo for not being able to live up to the expectations and standards set by society. 

To lay more emphasis on the topic, the former American actress recited a poem that read, “When her manic compulsion to be perfect vaporizes, and when her obsession to be voted popular, eviscerates.”

The author of the renowned book, A Radical Awakening: Turn Pain Into Power, Embrace Your Truth, Live Free, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, agreed with the thought process of the Sussex royal. Tsabary reflected on how women are steering towards a toxic life due to their misconceptions about achieving perfectionism. 

She claimed that modern women’s claim of being able to do anything and everything is nothing but toxic. The author believes that females are falling into misguided beliefs and they need to let go of the idea of perfection. “The pendulum swings the other way to great self-abnegation, loathing, and shame. That’s the other side of that pendulum,” Dr. Shefali Tsabary added while speaking on the podcast. 

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