Netflix’s New Reality Show, ‘Young, Famous, and African’ Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans – What’s the Fuss About?

Netflix’s New Reality Show, ‘Young, Famous, and African’ Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans – What’s the Fuss About?

A closet full of fashionable clothes, a magnificent mansion, someone to love, tons of servants, delicious food, and whatnot. Who would not want to live such an ecstatic life? We certainly cannot turn your Disney dream into reality, but we can take you to the reality shows that are the embodiment of such a lavish lifestyle. Our favorite streaming giant, Netflix, recently aired the anticipated new reality show- Young, Famous, and African. 

This reality show celebrates the richness of its contestants and the freedom that money brings. The luxurious aesthetics and grandiose styling could lure the most staunch of all. Starring the likes of Khanyi Mbau and Zari the Boss Lady, it sure is the unscripted soap opera, where these relatively young stars work, play, flirt, and feud in Johannesburg.

Young, Famous, and African- cast

Helmed by Peace Hyde and Adelaide Joshua-Hill; the series has some fascinating, well-heeled-oofy cast whose dressing sense, and one-liners are always on point.

  • Khnayi Mbau
  • Zari Hassan
  • Nadia Nakai

  • Diamond Platnumz
  • Andile Ncube
  • Annie Macaulay-Idibia

Throughout the show, they rekindle love, like and dislike each other, and do everything to keep themselves intact and flaunting. Fascinatingly, fans are so captivated and proud of their lifestyle that they are almost hooked on the show.

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However, not all the spectators are intrigued by the show. Some have also criticized the show as a western depiction of African life. Here’s how they put it-

The show is not so African

Apparently, they have set the show in the cosmopolitan setting of Sandton, Johannesberg- the assumingly richest square of Africa. Interestingly, some fans argue that the elite set of the show foreshadows the reality of Africa. Like many other countries in South Africa, too is suffering from the effect of colonization. For instance, there are communities that still fight through poverty, illiteracy, and backwardness.

Instead of portraying this bitter reality of the continent, the show successfully glamorizes it. It is complete in its extravaganza, but something is still not there. Perhaps, the primary setting of the continent and its journey as a developing nation.  They have also conveyed their disappointment in tweets and various social media platforms.

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To conclude, it is a great watch for catchy one-liners and world-class entertainment and it is beneficial to watch it just like that. If you haven’t watched it yet, go stream it on Netflix right away and let us know what is your take on it, in the comment section below

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