Chris Rock Starrer ‘Good Hair’ Documentary Contrasts With His Oscars Joke- What Is It About and Is It on Netflix?

Chris Rock Starrer ‘Good Hair’ Documentary Contrasts With His Oscars Joke- What Is It About and Is It on Netflix?

Chris Rock is a well-known name in the stand-up comedy industry. The guy has been making people laugh for well over two decades now. A huge contributor to his popularity is his jokes. They are a blend of social issues, personal analysis, and of course, hysterically funny. Chris Rock also made a documentary on awareness about hair on Netflix!

But the peculiar thing to ponder over is. If a guy has made a documentary about hair awareness, why will he make a joke about a medical condition that causes hair loss? Is it hypocritical of him?

People react to Chris Rock and Will Smith controversy

The most ironic aspect of Chris Rock and Will Smith’s Oscars feud in 2022 is that Rock made a complete documentary about the value of hair in the Black community before making a joke about a Black woman’s hair loss.

The documentary Good Hair, released in 2009, was produced, narrated, and co-written by Rock. The movie has resurfaced because Rock appeared to make a joke onstage about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair loss due to alopecia. A problem covered in the documentary resulted in a televised fight with Smith.

The whole world is divided on the debate. Who was right? Some feel Will was justified as her wife is going through a journey while fighting this disease, while others feel Rock put on a brave face and went on with the night. But a strong opinion seems to be building up among people.

Why did Rock make a hypocritical joke when he himself tried to raise awareness about the very disease he laughed at.

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Some of the Tweets portraying the opinion are :

Chris Rock’s Good Hair documentary on Netflix addresses the issue

The movie notably covers alopecia, with Rock interviewing Sheila Bridges, an alopecia sufferer who tells him, “The reason hair is so important is because our self-esteem is tangled up in it.”

Will Smith’s reaction to Rock’s joke was unquestionably improper, but many of Rock’s fans, particularly those who enjoyed the message of Good Hair, thought the joke itself was a strange choice coming from a man who has used his platform to discuss how delicate the topic of hair can be.

You can stream the documentary here.

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