Simple Tricks and Tips to Make Your Netflix Account Experience More Hassle Free

Simple Tricks and Tips to Make Your Netflix Account Experience More Hassle Free

Netflix is one of the largest streaming platforms on Earth with 183 million subscribers. Its features are vastly divided from kids to adults. Even if you are old-fashioned and love to watch cable, Netflix is the perfect home for you. Today, we find it difficult to remember the life before Netflix. Binge-watching didn’t even exist before Netflix; back then, we had to wait for Torrent to download any sort of content.

Today, Netflix has a vast library of content to choose from, and it fairly becomes difficult to find the perfect content, which might be a show or movie. So, you need some tips and tricks to get the most out of your subscription. While the streaming giant is straightforward and easy to use, but the tips will improve your viewing experience.

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Tricks and tips for your Netflix account

After you have chosen your subscription, make sure to personalize the account and watch in the best quality. We can play Netflix on different gadgets, each of the devices has its own feature and secrets. For example, we can use our keyboard to playback or forward or stop a show or film from playing. More such tips and tricks are given below to help you out.

  • Netflix gave us permission to manage the watch history and whether we want to share the history with others who have the access to our account.
  • We can also lock our profile by just having to set up a pin in the Profile and Parental Controls setting.
  • You can also manage your mobile data or how much we want the app to use.
  • We can watch shows or films in HD or UHD by going to the settings menu. We can turn off the auto-play feature and experience HD or UHD.
  • If you rate the show or film, just click the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons to rate what you watch. This feature will make your watching experience smooth.
  • We can also download our favorite content and watch them when we are offline.
  • Enhancer for Netflix is a Chrome extension that allows you to add IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes ratings straight to your Netflix content in web browsers.

Did you find these tips helpful? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, keep Netflix-ing.

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