Follow These Simple Steps To Get Your Personalized Custom Netflix Profile Picture

Follow These Simple Steps To Get Your Personalized Custom Netflix Profile Picture

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming platforms of our generation. It offers movies and shows across a wide variety of genres. However, a more personalized experience is always great for the viewers. Well, there is no need to wait anymore to get your own choice of custom photo on your profile. Earlier, the streaming platform used to offer us a selective set of profile pictures that resembled our beloved characters or any other cartoon animation. If you are keener to put your own custom profile on your Netflix account, we are here to help you gain a better experience. Follow these simple steps to have your own personalized picture.

How to get a custom Netflix profile picture on your account 

It is fun to choose your profile picture from the options provided by Netflix. However, customizing and choosing your own choice of profile picture for your account on the streaming platform is much more satisfying. Here are a few simple steps to get a better-personalized experience on your Netflix account:

  • Initially, you need to visit the Chrome Web Store which is easily accessible from any device. Once you arrive on the website, click “Add to Chrome.” This completes your initial step.
  • Once the extension of the custom profile is completely installed, drag your mouse to the top right corner of your screen. Click on the add-on to complete the process.
  • A drop-down box would appear in which you need to upload the image as per your wish. Once you have successfully uploaded the image, click on save and refresh the page. That’s it! You have now got your personalized Netflix account profile picture.

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For more convenience, check this YouTube video to clear any doubts:

A simple step process to get your desired profile. What are you waiting for? Go get your own personalized picture on your favorite streaming platform now and get ready to binge on shows.

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