‘Bad Vegan’ Is Not About Veganism But The Downfall Of Vegan Queen – Check Netflix Release Date, Trailer, Synopsis, and More

‘Bad Vegan’ Is Not About Veganism But The Downfall Of Vegan Queen – Check Netflix Release Date, Trailer, Synopsis, and More

It’s time to get over The Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna because Netflix has again brought a true-crime story to satisfy your obsession. Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives is here with its trailer and it looks like a feast. It is a docu-series that explores scandals, laundering of millions of money, immortal dogs in the heart of New York City.

People in New York City were quite similar to the name Sarma Melngailis, who believe in good clean eating. She even has two restaurants, ‘Pure Food And Wine’ and ‘One Lucky Duck.’ 

However, everything changed in 2015, the vegan influencer disappeared. All the employees from her restaurants walked out of her. They claimed she was not paying them. After an investigation, they soon found out that Sarma Melngailis has stolen millions of dollars from her restaurants and ran away with her husband, Anthony Fox.

Here’s what you need to know about Netflix’s Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.

What’s Bad Vegan all about?

Chris Smith, who has been known for his works like Tiger King and Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened, will direct and produce the limited docuseries. So, we are quite sure that this series will be binge-able just like other series.

Sarma Melngailis was the vegan queen of New York. She made her restaurant a brand, which was way ahead of its time. But everything goes upside down when she met a man named Anthony. The unknown man convinces her that he can make both – her and her pitbull, immortal.

After stealing $2 million from the restaurants, they got caught up.

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He promised Sarma that she will gain unlimited power. In conversation with Stylist, she explains, “I would have access to unlimited resources so that I could grow my brand all over the world, make the documentary I always wanted to make—the one that would finally change people’s ways and help eradicate factory farming. Basically, I could do all the world-changing things I’d been quietly dreaming about. I could help whoever I want and stay young forever doing it.” 

In conversation with Vanity Fair, one of the investors of Sarma Melngailis’s restaurant claims, “She is guilty of conduct unbecoming a vegan.”

Is there a trailer?

Recently, Netflix has uploaded a trailer on their YouTube channel. Check out.

Bad Vegan release date

Bad Vegan is all set up to release on March 16th, 2022, exclusively on Netflix.

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