“She Reminds Me of My Mother”: Grandmothers Share Their Relatability to Madea With Netflix in a Heartfelt Interview

“She Reminds Me of My Mother”: Grandmothers Share Their Relatability to Madea With Netflix in a Heartfelt Interview

All our life we have known Madea, the greatest and the coolest grandmother of all time. So, Tyler Perry brings Madea to Netflix, in his new film, A Madea Homecoming on Netflix. He created this character when he was in his 30s, but all his life he has known this character. Can you guess from whom Tyler got this inspiration for his character?

For this character, Perry was inspired by his mother, Willie Maxine and Aunt Mayola. In 2006, Perry claimed to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution his mother inspired Madea’s sage wisdom and the brashness of the character inspired by Mayola. In an interview with the Jet in 2003, Perry expresses, “Everyone knows her. We watch with nostalgia when we think about this type of grandmother.” After so much craze for the oldie, Tyler Perry was forced to bring his beloved character to the screens once again. She has fans of all ages, and many of us can resonant with her from our family.

So, recently Netflix Tudum interviewed three grandmothers and asked what they think about Madea.

Sonia Henry from Connecticut

Sonia Henry is a 66-year-old grandmother from Connecticut. Madea reminds her of her mother, who came from a small town, Sunny South, Alabama. She has a dominant personality, which is full of life. She confesses, “She taught us to love each other, to respect each other, to listen to each other. No matter what, you are down for your family.” She has the same life lessons, just like Madea.

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Mary Ann Smith from Virginia

Mary Ann Smith is an 80-yar-old lady who is from Virginia. She met Madea for the first time twenty years ago at the Fox Theater in St. Louis. Madea reminds Mary Ann Smith of different people, who she grew up with. She even called her own grandmother “madea”. She explains, “I think Madea stands for bringing people to understand where we are in history, our trials and troubles. Making people aware. She’s assertive, maybe even a little bit aggressive.”

Carol Johnson from North Carolina

Carol Johnson is a 78-year-old lady from North Carolina. When she first met Madea, she cannot stop laughing. She claims she is a beautiful soul and reminds of herself. She even relates to the way Madea takes care of Joe because she has a brother and knows how to live with one.

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