What’s the Real Story Behind Celine’s Black Bold Glasses in Inventing Anna?

What’s the Real Story Behind Celine’s Black Bold Glasses in Inventing Anna?

For all the fashionistas out there, can you imagine that black bold glasses can change your look forever? Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin from Inventing Anna on Netflix, made it possible to look most stylish in black, bold glasses. Delvey became infamous in front of the public eye for her crimes like grand larceny and theft from several top-rated hotels, fine-dine restaurants, some influential people from New York City, and from the bank.

Anna used those black bold glasses so that her colleagues take her and her business plan seriously. And somehow, the glasses stayed with her in the end, in the jail as well. The iconic glasses by Celine were worn by Anna everywhere she went. In every photo of Delvey, when she stood trial, the glasses remained on her face. It became a part of her identity, and we can not imagine her without those glasses.

Let’s hear the story of black bold glasses by Celine.

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Black bold glasses by Celine on Inventing Anna

We humans have a tendency to identify people as intelligent if they are wearing glasses. Several scientific studies have proven this tendency as well. Anna put this fact to her use by getting herself a full-rimmed glasses. Moreover, these glasses make one feel less threatening and more trustworthy. Therefore, some lawyers make their clients wear glasses to improve their winning chance.

In conversation with Netflix Tudum, Spencer Shapiro, an eyewear expert claims, “the right pair of glasses can give a perception of increased intelligence, class or social status. One of the most notable pieces of Anna’s wardrobe is her black acetate Celine glasses.” These frames can highlight your elegance and make you look effortlessly elegant. The full-rimmed oversized look of these glasses also goes well with her face shape perfectly.

Lyn Paolo, the costume designer for Inventing Anna, explains that the entire team was trying to create a look, where Anna will look wealthy enough to be a German heiress. Diana Burton, the leader of the prop team, chose black Celine frames because they were an exact match for the real Anna Delvey’s glasses. Furthermore, from a fashion perspective, Paolo expresses, “it’s more about understated elegance and not being in your face with a designer label.”

Lastly, we also cannot discount that black bold glasses may have helped Anna hide what really is going on in her mind. Do you have any theories about Anna’s glasses? Share them with us in the comments below!

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