‘The Sandman’ Gives ‘The Witcher’ a Very Valuable Lesson To Ace the Adaptation Game From Novels

‘The Sandman’ Gives ‘The Witcher’ a Very Valuable Lesson To Ace the Adaptation Game From Novels

The Sandman is currently riding high on the wave of success. Taking direct inspiration from the comics of Neil Gaiman, who also served as the showrunner, The Sandman is being highly praised for being true to its original material. Another Netflix Original that show has not been faithful to its source is the highly popular The Witcher series.

But now that Netflix has proved they can produce comic-accurate shows, fans are certainly wondering what separates The Sandman from The Witcher. And that if there is something showrunners of the latter could learn and make the show more accurate to the novels.

What makes The Sandman a better adaptation than The Witcher?

For a long time, it was believed that it was extremely hard to remain accurate to the original material. And that whatever version you receive on-screen is the best you will ever get. However, all of this changed on August 5th when The Sandman started streaming on Netflix. The Netflix Original is not only a great show but one of the best adaptations ever. Something that could not be said of The Witcher. But why so?

Well, for starters, Neil was directly involved in the development of the show right to its release. So naturally, when the writer of the books himself is a part of the show, you know, it is going to be as accurate as it can be. Other than that, many dialogues in the show are directly taken from the comics. Especially the crucial conversation between Death and Dream is word to word, same from the comics.

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In contrast to these incredible accuracies, The Witcher has none. Andrzej Sapkowski, wither of The Witcher book series, is not actively involved in the production of the show. Also, rather than being true to one book, The Witcher takes multiple storylines and combines them together. In fact in the season two of The Witcher the main antagonist of Voleth Meir was created just for the series. No character by the name of Voleth Meir even exists in the books.

Nevertheless, both the shows are amazing and have huge fan bases. But with The Witcher renewed till season seven. It would be great to see if it could learn something from The Sandman and be a little more accurate.

Both shows are currently streaming only on Netflix.

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