10 Best Quotes From ‘The Sandman’ That Are a Testament for Neil Gaiman’s Hauntingly Beautiful Understanding of Life and Death

10 Best Quotes From ‘The Sandman’ That Are a Testament for Neil Gaiman’s Hauntingly Beautiful Understanding of Life and Death

The highly anticipated fantasy world of dreams and nightmares finally arrived on Netflix this week. The Sandman was instantly liked by the fans for its emblematic cast and original presentation of the storylines because many shows go astray from the source while interpreting words to real life. Well, we can give some credit to Neil Gaiman who helped the creators keep the story as authentic as possible.

Only a writer can unify the world that he has built with his own hands. And several quotes and dialogues prove the series is directly taken from the comics. Let’s read some of the best quotes narrated by the characters in the show.

The Sandman has brought many comic quotes, giving meaningful messages to the viewers

From Dreams’ ambitious words to Death’s life-inspiring speeches viewers got to experience many memorable quotes because they had deeper symbols for human life and contemplated the qualities of characters. We have collected the best 10 quotes from 10 amazing episodes of The Sandman take a look below:

“Unfortunately, good people seldom survive in this world.”

In episode 4 of the series, John Dee says these words when he gives Rosemary the annulet of protection. While he was talking about her, this quote also indicates the torment he has experienced during his captivity. His pessimistic view of humanity results from his mother’s ill-treatment and treachery towards him.

“The only reason people die is because everyone does it.”

The most exciting part of the show includes the friendship between Robert Gadling, aka Hob, and Dream. This unique thought processed in a human mind intrigued Morpheus, and this man was gifted with immortality. The quote was the beginning of an experiment that resulted in the continuous meeting for many centuries and, ultimately, friendship.

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“Dreams don’t f**king die.”

Matthew the raven has been a constant supporter of Dream, and he didn’t leave his master’s side in Hell. At the moment when Morpheus was attacked by anti-life during “the oldest game” of power. He reminded Dream that he can survive anything and that one can find hope in the darkest of times.

“It is as natural to die as it is to be born.”

We know the show has portrayed Death in a new light in the form of a beautiful woman. She is shown to be connected to human feelings and lends a friendly hand when they leave. Seeing her politeness, Dream wonders why people fear death when it is a part of this cycle and death is the very natural end of it.

“If dreams disappear, then so will humanity.”

In his quest to find the very first totem of power, Dream fails to convince Johanna Constantine to give the sand pouch back to him. She was the last person who bargained for this supernatural tool, and he eagerly needed it to save both the realms. Because the world would seize to exist if he didn’t hold the boundary between these two worlds.

“You’re dreaming, darling. Anything is possible.”

This quote is said by Unity Kinkaid, the sole survivor of the sleeping plague when Dream was captured. Unity revealed in the final episode of The Sandman that she was the real vortex, and it passed to her granddaughter because she was asleep all these years. She tells Rose to dive inside herself and extract whatever makes her the doom bringer.

“It’s good to touch the earth with your bare feet. It’s grounding.”

Death is the first and last thing that holds this universe, as stated in the show. This new personification of Death gives viewers several messages, including that end of life is not dark and fearful. Somehow, this quote indicated the connection of nature with humans and how they always feel alive around it.

“We may as well expand its borders until hell is all there is.”

The assembled lords of Hell and Lucifer have always been envious of Dream, who finds new ways to escape trouble. As they plan to invade his realm, Azazel suggests a grievous plan to Lucifer. And says that they must take quick action to overtake everything that comes in the way, including the waking world and the silver city.

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“What power would hell have if those here imprisoned were not able to dream of heaven?”

After a heating battle, Lucifer threatens Dream and asks why they should let him walk free from this realm. Since he holds no power in Hell to which, Morpheus gives a striking answer. He states that the imprisoned will not suffer as they should without their dream of reaching Heaven one day.

“When the waking world leaves you wanting and weary, sleep brings you here to find freedom and adventure.”

The king of Dreaming, Morpheus, introduced the series with these lines implying that when the mundane life of humans exhausts them, the hours of sleeping bring them comfort as they are free to explore a new world of imagination. Through this quote, Dream stated that humans could only find solace in their dreams.

Which is your favorite line from the series? The Sandman is currently streaming on Netflix!

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