What Will Happen to Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer in the Next Season of ‘The Sandman’?

What Will Happen to Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer in the Next Season of ‘The Sandman’?

Netflix’s live-action rendition of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is finally online and received all kinds of praise and a lot of love. From the world-building to the performances, the audience appreciated every bit of the adaptation. Apart from the titular character of Dream, one of the most loved fierce characters on the show was embodied by Gwendoline Christie. Portraying the fallen angel and ruler of Hell, she brings Lucifer Morningstar to life on the screen.

After an epic face-off with Morpheus in one of the fascinating battles ever witnessed, the devil loses to the king of dreams. But if you thought Satan would take their defeat lying down, you’ve mistaken the devil for a mortal being, and you will regret it. Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer returns to the last scene of The Sandman with her demon confidante Mazikeen, as they plot their next move against Dream.

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What’s next for Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer?

As we know, The Sandman adaptation closely follows Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels of the same name with nary a modification. Throughout the run of the comics, the relationship between the ruler of Hell and Morpheus has been strained, to say the least. But what Lucifer has in mind for Dream after the first volume is quite sinister. They put the ruler of The Dreaming in charge of the purgatory. 

If Netflix’s other spin-off Lucifer based on Gaiman’s character, is to be believed, ruling Hell is a hell of a task. No better way to screw over the lord who bested and humiliated you in your own kingdom? We know from Tom Ellis’s Lucifer that humans only end up in hell if they truly believe they belong there. It manifests out of guilt.

Once the clueless Sandman inherits the responsibility, he has to learn on the job and maneuver the inmates flooding in. Who wants to bet that Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie) has a way of watching their masterstroke play out while taking immense pleasure in Dream’s misery? Moreover, several theories are floating around about celestials of other religions trying their hand at ruling Hell.

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Do you think there’s a possible Odin cameo from Norse mythology in The Sandman? Or perhaps Susano-no Miko from the Shinto? Maybe even a Hindu deity might grace the throne of the inferno. Well, that is all up to Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer. Watch the formidable fallen angel on The Sandman streaming on Netflix.

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