VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Choreograph the Best Super Bowl Performance in ‘Halftime’ Documentary on Netflix

VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Choreograph the Best Super Bowl Performance in ‘Halftime’ Documentary on Netflix

Biopics are one of the most popular and intriguing genres of films. They show our favorite celebrities in a way that we can never imagine. We see our favorite actors or actresses as normal human beings living their lives as anyone would. However, they also show how these immensely talented individuals became successful and inspired us all. And in the newest Jennifer Lopez documentary, Halftime, we get to see how the singer, actress, and dancer made one of the most popular Super Bowl Performances possible.

Let us take a never-seen look at the iconic 2020 Super Bowl performance’s backstage rehearsals.

Jennifer Lopez documentary Halftime shows how hard the actress works

History was created in the 2020 Super Bowl performance. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, two of the most popular individuals on the planet, performed together on a single stage for 12 minutes. Anything like that was unheard of before.

Even if Jennifer felt that the 12-minute mark was too short for mega stars like Shakira and her, it still needed a lot of practice and precision that only those two could bring.

But, not everyone is fortunate enough to see how the stars prepare to perform for such an important event. And that’s where Netflix comes in with its mind-blowing biopics.

In the Halftime biopic of Jennifer Lopez, we get to see how the two singers practiced and choreographed the performance.

In the short video released by Con Todo, we see Jennifer and Shakira trying to figure out how to end the performance, with Lopez suggesting “we need something at the end.”

Besides Shakira and Jennifer, we also see the main choreographer who projected the whole performance, Parris Goebel.

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The documentary has a runtime of about 1 hour 35 minutes. Thus, the whole film is filled with inspiring and encouraging moments that show how hard Lopez works on each project.

It is certainly an important part of the performance that audiences got to see through the documentary.

Did you guys love the behind the scene video of Jennifer Lopez? Also, let us know if you guys have watched the documentary, Halftime and loved it. Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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