Fans Divided on Jennifer Lopez Being Unhappy About Sharing Super Bowl Moment With Shakira

Fans Divided on Jennifer Lopez Being Unhappy About Sharing Super Bowl Moment With Shakira

The whole world has been talking about the great revelation that Halftime made. The fact that Jennifer Lopez had to share the time with Shakira is the only thing you will find on the internet today. Naturally, everyone on the internet had something to say about the issue. As a result, fans of the two celebrities have been debating about Lopez’s reaction to sharing the stage with Shakira at the 2020 Superbowl.

Want to find out what the fans are commenting? Then read along.

What happened between Jennifer Lopez and Shakira?

Jennifer Lopez disagreed with the NFL’S decision to have she and Shakira share 13 minutes for the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

In Jennifer’s new Netflix Documentary Halftime, we get an exclusive look into the performance’s planning. Jennifer shared that having two individuals perform in the Super Bowl was “the worst idea ever.” The singer-actress clarified that if NFL wanted two headliner shows, they should have given the two singers 20 minutes.

Shakira wasn’t pleased about the limited time either, resulting in a rather tense practicing session. Lopez’s manager Benny Medina doesn’t mince his words in the documentary, calling the need to have two artists to headline a show that’s been historically done by one artist an “insult.”

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What are the fans saying?

Ever since the documentary premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and people got see the reaction of the two singers, that is all they have been talking about. The debate soon gained momentum as fans of both artists defended their favorite. The hot topic was whether Lopez’s disappointment was justified or not and if her dig at NFL was also a shade to Shakira.

Many people think that what Lopez felt at that time was entirely justified and had nothing to do with Shakira. While others disagreed and shared how many artists in the past have shared the Super Bowl stage. Some fans also explained why Lopez was angry in the first place, which was misconstrued to be a dig at Shakira.

What do you think about the whole debate on twitter? Share your opinions with us in the comments below. Halftime will start streaming  on Netflix from June 14.

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