Netflix Documentary ‘Halftime’ Celebrates 52-Year-Old Jennifer Lopez, She “feels like her life is just beginning”

Netflix Documentary ‘Halftime’ Celebrates 52-Year-Old Jennifer Lopez, She “feels like her life is just beginning”

Well, we have many dramas, remanences, thrillers, action, horrors or any other genre in entertainment. Documentaries are one genre which provides us with the deeper insights into the documented person or event. Netflix has brought one such documentary to us. Halftime is a movie that documents none other than Jennifer Lopez and her life.

“It feels like my life is just beginning…” Jennifer Lope says

It is no secret that celebrities have to go through so much to become what they become. It is even harder for a woman to manage her personal life, her duties at home, and her professional life. Her stardom becomes a huge deal for her. Jennifer Lopez, in this documentary, exposes her journey. She exposes her wounds. How she manages her duties as a mother and how she tries to be there for her kids becomes a crucial part of her journey to stardom.

She says in the movie that she feels like she’s constantly failing and admits she is victim to imposter syndrome. As she talks about it, she tells us that she had to learn to be there for her before anything and anyone else.

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It is very intriguing to see Amanda Micheli’s straightforward narration of Lopez’s life. While cutting her birthday cake in the trailer, she says, “I feel like my life is just beginning.”

She really has come through a long way.

“… because I need to feel something.”

Lopez has fought many battles to make way to the top. While she was trying to make her career in the American Music Industry; she had been questioned and made fun of, too. In an interview, the interviewer openly and bluntly asks her how she felt about her b**ts. She was called names and been let down by so many people.

But she was not ready to give up. There isn’t really a time when J-Lo is not out of media’s attention or hidden from public eyes. She trains a bunch of young dancers, as seen in the documentary. She believes that whatever she does and creates; it is to make people feel something because she needs to feel it too.

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An artist’s purpose to use his/her art should be art for art’s sake. That is what J-Lo seems to be doing. She feels like she’s been trying to be seen, to be heard, to be taken seriously.

Have you watched Halftime yet? Let us know if you’re also a J-Lo fan.

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