Sweet Magnolias: Here’s How the Small-Town Gossip, Big-Time Drama Was Adapted From the Sherryl Woods’ Books

Sweet Magnolias: Here’s How the Small-Town Gossip, Big-Time Drama Was Adapted From the Sherryl Woods’ Books

The top comfort TV currently is undoubtedly Sweet Magnolias. Adapted from novels of the same name by author  Sherryl Woods, the series follows the ups and downs in the lives of three female best friends in their 40s. Jo Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliott, and Heather Headley embody the powerful female characters that we see on the show. The cast and the creator recently sat down with Udo Aduba. They discussed the process that was involved in highlighting the different perspectives on the screen. 

With eleven books in the series, Showrunner Sheryl Anderson adapted the first three books. She wanted to create a show for women that could be relatable to all women. At the core of Sweet Magnolias, there are three women- Maddie, (Garcia) who is reeling from the sudden end of her marriage with her unfaithful husband, Dana-Sue (Brooke) who continues to live under the same roof as her cheating husband for the sake of her daughter, and Helen (Headley) an accomplished attorney who realizes late that her biological clock is ticking. 

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While the characters remained true to the novel, Anderson is guilty of making things messier for Maddie on the show because “you learn more about each other in conflict.” Sweet magnolias represent the journeys of womanhood that are often swept under the rug. Through Helen’s story, Anderson wanted to encourage women to share their pain.

Does the Sweet Magnolias trio share the dream BFF friendship in real life? 

The love between the trio is palpable as Udo points out. Headley, who likes to take it slow, and prefers an organic love, hit it off with her co-leads almost immediately. 

However, with these women, I fell in love with them right at the top,” said the actress. Garcia quickly adds that the margarita nights are her favorite scenes. She leaves work feeling “full” those days. At one point, during the Best Friends Challenge, Headley teases Garcia that Jo would have 50 Shades of Grey on her coffee table. They play off each other so well that even Anderson was convinced that it was “magic“. 

Have you streamed two seasons of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix yet? What are your thoughts on the chemistry and bond shared by the three central characters of the show? Comment down below.

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