Sweet Magnolias’ Jamie Lynn aka Noreen Got Double Reasons to Celebrate- Here’s Why

Sweet Magnolias’ Jamie Lynn aka Noreen Got Double Reasons to Celebrate- Here’s Why

If anything Sweet Magnolias has brought back apart from sizzling drama and romance, it’s Jamie Lynn Spears. Sister of Britney Spears, Jamie plays the role of Noreen Fitzgibbons. Apart from her, the other star members include JoAnna Gracia Swisher, Brooke Elliott, and Heather Headley.

Seemingly, Noreen finds herself pregnant after having an affair with Maddie’s ex-husband, Bill Townsend, in season one. And we all know the plot that follows in season two. Moreover, even though the plot is fictional, Lynn had a lot of compassion towards her character, which lead her to play the role. Now her decision has paid off. Although the characters of this cheesy drama have to clear a lot of mess; the actors have a reason to celebrate. And we are here to break out the news.

Sweet Magnolias made it to the top

The actress, who made her debut in the series for the first time since 2008, took to Instagram to share this great news. Jamie’s co-actors would have also been delighted at hearing the news. Sweet Magnolias was featured in Netflix’s top 10 charts not once but twice. Both seasons one and two have gained a huge amount of viewership, and it is really a happy moment for all the cast members.


Moreover, Jamie’s agent, Alexis J. Fisher, also congratulated her by sharing a snapshot of the list on Instagram story. “Wow,” she wrote. “Season 1 and season 2 in top 10 tv shows @netflix. We are so proud of you @jamielynnspears.”

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Jamie had a fake baby bump

Following the history of Jamie Spears, a good deal of fans might think that Sweet Magnolias is the direct adaptation of her life. Or you may also think that she was really pregnant in season 1 and 2 until the delivery. But Jamie Lynn recently shared behind-the-scenes snaps on Instagram. She revealed how she carried a fake baby bump and how it actually looked beneath the clothes. Apparently, the fake pregnancy belly was made in a variety of ways, including prosthetics and fabric.

Further, she also teased her four-year-old daughter, Ivey’s guest appearance in season two. Ivey appeared in episode 6 of this series as a small girl sliding down in a park.


If you haven’t already watched it, the highly acclaimed drama, Sweet Magnolias, is now streaming on Netflix.




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