The “Car Crash” In Ozark Season 4 EXPLAINED

The “Car Crash” In Ozark Season 4 EXPLAINED

‘Ozark’ Season 4 Part 1 is one of the new releases on Netflix this year. The series was released on 21st January globally on the streaming platform. Since its release, it has been one of the most trending shows worldwide and has left fans wondering about certain moments of the show. One of the major questions on the fan’s minds is regarding the car crash at the start of the season. As the series progresses, we come to understand that the car crash scene in Ozark is a flash-forward. However, throughout the 7 episodes, no plausible hint or clue about the crash is revealed.

Ozark car crash enigma

The fans of the crime drama have loved the newest installment of the series and can’t wait for the final part. However, this season raises a lot of questions. Particularly, the car scene is stuck in the viewer’s head.

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During the scene, Marty, Wendy, Charlotte, and Jonah are in the minivan. Significantly, they are conversing about their upcoming plans and they seem to be in a pleasant mood. Wendy appreciates the song playing on the car radio while Marty strikes up the conversation involving the FBI. “We’re all set for the FBI tomorrow,” said Marty, to which Wendy replied with a sarcastic, “Oh, Joy.” This implies that the Byrdes are still working for the FBI. Wendy informs the family, “I’m calling the moving company this afternoon,” hinting at a possible move to Chicago for the Byrdes. Another conversation to put emphasis on is, “How’s the Top of the Belle looking?” “Incredible, we’ve doubled our table space to handle all the RSVPs” implying that there is a possible event scheduled at the Belle.

An Instagram post of the official teaser gives us a glimpse of the car’s wreck.

A prompt shriek fills the car, as Charlotte shouts, “Dad!” as a car transport truck hurls towards them from the wrong side of the lane. As a result, Marty takes a swift turn to avoid the truck, resulting in the minivan’s crash as it spins seven times before resting on the ground upside down.

Chris Mundy about the events of the crash

There was a certain improbable element to the crash sequence. Was it an assassination attempt? Or was it a plain road accident? The fans are quite inquisitive about these questions. However, they are surprised that the 7 episodes of the show didn’t reveal the truth behind the crash.

Meanwhile, in an interview with TVLine, showrunner, Chris Mundy talks about the crash: “There’s a feeling on our show all the time where anything can happen at anytime, and I like that unease. We felt like people might be confused for a split second, but then when the [action cuts immediately] to Mexico they’d realize [it was a flash-forward]. But we didn’t want to do any more of the math for them.”

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It seems strange, too clumsy for a hit, and too improbable for a road accident. They will reveal it all in the final part of Ozark. What are your views on the scene?

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    February 5, 2022 at 10:24 pm

    I assume it is the last scene of the series. After everything is “settled,” and the Byrdes are about to return to a regular life, they are all killed in a freak auto accident. I predict the series will end with that scene and, and we will not actually be told definitively if they survived.

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