Did You Spot THIS Twist in the End Credits of Ozark?

Did You Spot THIS Twist in the End Credits of Ozark?

The end credits rarely get the attention they deserve. But to be fair, only a Marvel fan can sit through them as they eagerly wait for the post-credits scene. However, the end credits help you identify your favorite writer, director, or actor. The creators of Ozark have added even more star power to season 4 part 1, but only people who have watched the end credits will know.

If you are scanning through all the characters from the crime/drama series, then your attempts will be futile. As we have said earlier, you need to watch the end credits to pick up the name. So, keep reading to find out about the person who upskilled the project.

The tweet that highlighted the Ozark twist

Very few people identified the person from the end credits, so you are not alone. However, the ones who identified the person had their doubts, as there was no confirmation. Thus, Netflix tweeted about the end credit and cleared the doubts of all. Robin Wright has directed the last two episodes of season 4 part 1.

However, most of the comments on the tweet demanded Netflix release the final part. But the star spellbound the ones who recognized her. If you do not know about Robin Wright, then we have a list of her achievements, which will help you recognize her.

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Who is Robin Wright?

Robin Wright has acted in big movies like Forrest Gump, The Princess Bride, and Unbreakable. However, you might remember Robin from her most recent role in the Netflix political drama House of Cards. The actress won a Golden Globe for the portrayal of Claire Underwood in the Netflix Original series.

However, it was not Robin’s first time directing episodes in a series, as she has done the same for ten episodes of House of Cards. Robin has directed Land, a 2021-feature film, and starred in it. Fans even compared Wendy Byrde to Claire Underwood, claiming Claire was the original matriarch.

While fans would love to see a crossover between House of Cards and Ozark, that is a fantasy that has very-low chances. However, Ozark‘s latest season has received such wide acclaim, and we can expect Robin to be back in the director’s chair for the last part.

Do you think Robin can bring about serious changes in Ozark’s last part? Let us know in the comments.

All seasons of Ozark is available for streaming on Netflix.

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