WATCH: Stranger Things’ Brett Gelman Steals the Spotlight With Shakespearean Monologue of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill 

WATCH: Stranger Things’ Brett Gelman Steals the Spotlight With Shakespearean Monologue of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill 

It has been over a month since the final episode of Stranger Things (The Piggyback) began streaming on Netflix. Nevertheless, the astounding scenes of the latest installment of the Duffer brothers‘ show remain fresh in the minds of one and all. The principal one among these is Max Mayfield fleeing from Vecna with Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill serving as the background music in episode four of Stranger Things Season 4. Have you ever wondered how the 1986 song would sound if recited like a poem? 

Stranger Things’ Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman) appeared on Late Show’s Dramatic Readings and did just that. While his fingers are like arrows, his arms like iron, his feet like spears, his theatrical abilities are histrionic. 

With effective voice modulations, Gelman created an effect to keep the audiences engaged and enthralled. Some fans may even be of the opinion that the 45-year-old actor added to the dramatic effect with what essentially was a Shakespearean monologueThere could even be comparisons with the original song, with each rendition having its own backers. 

As Stranger Things Season 4 saw different characters in different places, Murray Bauman wouldn’t be aware of Max’s tryst with the song. But wouldn’t he have known of it at the end?

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Could we see the Duffer brothers have Brett Gelman narrate Running Up That Hill in Stranger Things Season 5? 

Hopper and Joyce returned to Hawkins at the climax of The Piggyback sans Murray. Bauman’s whereabouts were left unanswered at the end of the season, and he wasn’t even mentioned. Hence, he isn’t aware of it yet. 

Given that he is such a beloved character, it seems unlikely that the Duffer brothers will eliminate him off-screen. This opens the door for him to reappear in Stranger Things Season 5. Following his performance on Stephen Colbert’s show, the creators could weave this into the Stranger Things finale. 

As Eleven has tried to break into Max’s mind only to discover that she isn’t there, the protagonists may even try to use Kate Bush’s song to unsuccessfully try to find her. Hence, Murray could return to Hawkins, learn of Max’s plight, and use this exact Shakespearean rendition to snap Max out of her coma. 

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Should that not be dramatic enough, Vecna could be shown using Max’s soul in a battle. 001 could even use his telekinetic powers to disable any music device (they do need a new one, as Jason broke Max’s cassette player).

Enter Murray when the chips are down with a dramatic performance of this song. From Dramatic Readings on the Late Show to a battle in Stranger Things Season 5 on Netflix– How awesome would that be! The character does want to have his moments with Vecna, so it could very well be on the cards.

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