Matthew Modine Presents ‘Stranger Things’ Callbacks as a Means to Support Dr. Brenner’s Return in Season 5

Matthew Modine Presents ‘Stranger Things’ Callbacks as a Means to Support Dr. Brenner’s Return in Season 5

Stranger Things season 5 is one of the most-awaited Netflix shows right now. The fandom is eagerly waiting for the show to hit the streaming giant, as they want to connect the dots now. While the previous season saw an extremely emotional end, it followed the death of Dr. Brenner. However, what if you could see the character living in the upcoming season of the show? The actor who portrayed the character of Dr. Brenner, Matthew Modine, suggested the idea of him coming back in season 5.

Various actors from the Netflix Original series have been opening up about the upcoming season. While Finn Wolfhard suggested the craziest future of the show, Modine suggested his resurrection.

As reported by, Modine suggested he would like to come back in season 5 of the sci-fi supernatural drama. While remembering the previous instances where he survived deaths, he said viewers didn’t really see him dead at the end of the fourth season.

The character survived death in the previous seasons of the show. However, the Duffer Brothers announced his death for real this time. But at the BAFTAs 2023, the actor expressed his desire to come back. He said having Dr. Brenner in season 5 would be wonderful, as he was just lying on the ground in the dirt. People didn’t really see him dead in the show. Therefore, it would be possible to have him back.

But how would it help the plot of season 5?

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How would Dr. Brenner’s return help Stranger Things season 5?

Given that the character has beaten death in the previous seasons, his presence in the upcoming season might add the thrill. There are possibilities of the character appearing through flashbacks. Although he can come back as hallucinations of Eleven as well because of her traumatic past. The Duffer Brothers have a chance to bring the iconic character back from the dead.

Vecna has an immense ability for destruction. However, there is only one man he despises the most: Dr. Brenner. Therefore, if the Duffer Brothers would bring him back, they would get a chance to distract Vecna as well. However, to know whether what the 63-year-old actor said is true or not, fans will have to wait for the final season to land on Netflix.

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Would you like to see Dr. Brenner back in the fifth and the last season of the show? Tell us your theories and ideas to bring him back in the comment box below.

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