‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Receives an Unlikely Welcome as Fans Blast on Netflix for Other Canceled Shows

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Receives an Unlikely Welcome as Fans Blast on Netflix for Other Canceled Shows

Netflix has a vast library of shows, films, and documentaries of various genres. While some fans love shows like Sex Education, others like Stranger Things. Some like horror and action and others love mysteries and rom-com dramas. Amidst these different shows, the streaming giant announced the arrival of the fourth season of Love Is Blind. But the show received a rather unlikely welcome.

“First comes love, then comes reality,” says the description of the show. The first installment of the show landed on Netflix in 2020, providing a platform for singles to find the love of their lives with a twist: Participants fall in love with each other without seeing them face-to-face. The goal is to connect emotionally, omitting the physical attraction. They meet when the couples are engaged. After matching many people in the previous seasons, now the OTT platform is ready to stream the fourth season of the show on the 24th of March 2023.

While very few people seemed excited about Love is Blind, the majority of Netflix users blasted the streaming giant. Netflix has canceled many shows like Warrior Nun, 1899, and many more. In fact, Warrior Nun fans had circulated an online petition for the renewal of the show. As the announcement hit the internet, people blasted and brought in their other favorite canceled shows.

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Love Is Blind receives an uncanny welcome from the Netflix users

As the American streaming giant has been canceling many shows, fans have been in a rage, anyway. They do not leave a chance to campaign to bring back their favorite shows. So it goes without saying that they brought in Warrior Nun and 1899, when Netflix announced the fourth season of the reality show. A handful of social media users also reminded the streaming giant to renew Lockwood and Co for the second season. Netflix is yet to decide on the future of the thriller series that was released earlier this year.

Along with Warrior Nun and other shows, fans also want First Kill and Half Bad back. While fans are not happy with the cancelations of their favorite series, they blasted rather than welcoming a new show. They openly called out the streaming giant and campaigned for the renewal of their favorite shows.

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Which is your favorite show that Netflix canceled? Are you excited about this new season of Love is Blind? Feel free to share your opinions about the show with us in the comment box below.

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