Fans Hilariously Bring ‘Warrior Nun’ Into Picture as Pope Francis Affirms Homosexuality Is Not a Crime

Fans Hilariously Bring ‘Warrior Nun’ Into Picture as Pope Francis Affirms Homosexuality Is Not a Crime

When the streaming giants cancel their favorite show, fans become united to protest against the cancelation. The same thing happened when Netflix canceled one of the most loved shows, Warrior Nun. It canceled the 2022 show after the second season, and fans are still angry about it. They even brought in the show when Pope Francis affirmed homosexuality is not a crime.

Based on the comic book character Warrior Nun Areala, the Netflix series Warrior Nun has a huge fan following. The American fantasy drama got a 7/10 IMDb rating and 84% from Rotten Tomatoes. These ratings show how much the fandom loved the show. However, when the OTT platform decided to cancel it after two seasons, fans protested signing a petition against it. Again, they demanded the renewal of the show as Pope Francis commented on homosexual rights.

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Fans brought a hilarious angle to save Warrior Nun

While people are standing up for LGBTQAI+ people’s rights, Pope Francis criticized the government laws against them. He said, “Being homosexual isn’t a crime,” in his exclusive interview with The Associated Press. While defending the rights of homosexual people, fans made hilarious comments about whether he has seen the Netflix Original show.

Pope Francis also considered these laws against the LGBTQAI+ community unjust. He called out the Catholic bishops who support the laws against the community. But the Warrior Nun fandom has its own thoughts about these comments by Pope Francis. They said maybe Pope Francis has seen the show. While others assumed he might be the person from the Vatican who signed the petition to save the show. Let us see how the fandom reacted to this.

While people are getting emotional over the cancellation of the show, there are some people who are still fighting to save their favorite show. Amidst all these comments, what is your take on this? Are you also a Warrior Nun fan? Share your thoughts with us while streaming the show on Netflix.

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