From Frenemies To Lovers Where This Complicated Chemistry Will Take Devi And Ben In ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4

From Frenemies To Lovers Where This Complicated Chemistry Will Take Devi And Ben In ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4

Never Have I Ever has returned with its season 3, bringing new love angles and Devi’s looming insecurities. Last season we saw how she got involved in two relationships at the same time with Ben and Paxton, which ultimately led to chaos, and Ben was left heartbroken that Devi chose another guy over him. Ben and Devi always had a real connection as they challenged each other’s abilities, whether academic or love.

Unfortunately, they didn’t last long, and Devi started dating Paxton at the beginning of season 3. Even though Ben also moved on with Aneesa, it seems that the flame between these two isn’t smothered yet. Keep reading to know more about how this frenemy chemistry might lead the way to romance for Benvi.

Devi Vishwakumar and Ben Gross had rekindling moments in Season 3 of Never Have I Ever

Season 3 was another year of heartbreaks and pain for Devi, where she started a committed relationship with Paxton, but nothing worked out. They break up because Devi believes she doesn’t deserve a boyfriend like him. And her habit of self-degradation makes her insecure about other girls in Paxton’s life.

Moving forward, Devi starts dating the hot Indian guy Des which ends even before it could take a significant turn. She keeps on stumbling, unable to find her way into relationships, and suddenly gets an invitation to Shrubland. Subsequently, Ben confesses that he doesn’t want Devi to leave the school so early.

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“I will miss you. A lot,” says Ben, and his eyes express that he still likes this annoying, messy girl. His ways of helping her in different situations made it even more evident that he loves Devi. For instance, he warned Devi that Des wants to break up with her.

Devi lived her dream with Ben at the end of season 3 

The show has left viewers with a cliffhanger to make them wonder where the story will take them. We saw Devi show up at Ben’s house in the final scene giving him the chit he wrote her. “One Free Boink” read the chit, and the doors close at the last scene, with Devi and Ben making out. It was the biggest twist that shocked everyone. Therefore, Devi fulfilled her most important desire in High School. However, we are not sure they will rebound in the final season. But the good news is Devi won’t die a virgin.

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What do you think will Devi and Ben end up together in season 4? Or will they part their ways to a new life in college and forget this moment? Do let us know your views in the comment section below. Never Have I Ever season 3 is currently streaming only on Netflix.

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