Does Lady Whistledown Have a Grandson? ‘Never Have I Ever’ Might Just Prove The Gossiping Lineage Continues

Does Lady Whistledown Have a Grandson? ‘Never Have I Ever’ Might Just Prove The Gossiping Lineage Continues

Never Have I Ever has once again thrown Devi Vishwakumar into the drill of relationships where she is too determined to make things work with Paxton. Unfortunately, like always her mind does not let her rest this time also while the entry of a hot Indian boy brings a new twist. Amidst this have you noticed some of the coolest pop culture references we got to see in season 3?

And it takes us to the very famous period drama of Netflix’s Bridgerton, as the show has depicted a modern gossipmonger. Therefore, it looks like Lady Whistledown’s grandkid is studying at Sherman Oaks High with the protagonist. Let’s dive deeper into who this popular entertainer would be in the adventurous coming-of-age teen drama. 

Never Have I Ever Season 3 has a social media butterfly Lady Whistledown

With the opening of episode 1 of season 3, we see Devi and Paxton walking through the door holding each other’s hands and smiling. While everyone at High School is shocked to see this unmatched couple where Paxton is the most popular guy and Devi is just a “crazy dork” as people put it. 

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However, Devi’s new achievement has made everyone wonder what she might have done to get such a handsome boyfriend. There comes this news popping up on every phone of the school that the couple is officially together. This Lady Whistledown is not a female gossipmonger like the one in Bridgerton and definitely not a face hidden behind anonymous letters. 

It’s Eric Parkins who runs the “Lady WhistleBoy” Tik Tok and everyone knows it and yet they continue to enjoy the gossip they get about the school. Also, it’s hilarious to see how the boy loves to remain in his bubble that nobody knows that he is the virtual scribbler of the show. Furthermore, the posts continue to haunt Devi that she might not be good enough for a boy like Paxton.

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Where this insecurity will take Devi and her relationships with everyone she loves. You may find out right away by streaming all the 10 episodes of Never Have I Ever Season 3 on Netflix. And don’t forget to let us know how you like the evolving teenagers ready to move to their new lives in college.

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