Filipina Actress Lourdes Faberes Finds Herself at the Centre of the Limelight, as The Sandman’s ‘’24/7’’ Episode Gathers Praise

Filipina Actress Lourdes Faberes Finds Herself at the Centre of the Limelight, as The Sandman’s ‘’24/7’’ Episode Gathers Praise

Netflix’s top-tier fantasy drama The Sandman released an episode that fans and reviewers believe is the best hour-long content of 2022 so far. It has been at the top of trends ever since its release and currently holds the crown in the TV Shows category. Fans already had high expectations going in as the series is the joint masterpiece of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. Moreover, it is based on Neil Gaiman’s fan-favorite character, Sandman, the King of Dreams. The show has a star-studded cast that consists of Tom Sturridge (The Boat That Rocked), Robert Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl), Vivienne Acheampong (The Witches), and a famous stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt in the main cast.

While they all shine bright, one actress that completely stole the show is the Filipina actress Lourdes Faberes. Not only Filipino fans but viewers worldwide were gushing about her beauty and talent.

Lourdes Faberes Steals Hearts in The Sandman’s ‘24/7’ Episode

The fifth episode of Netflix’s mind-blowing fantasy drama is titled 24/7, and boy is it one hell of a ride! Lourdes Faberes plays the role of Kate Fletcher, who is among the customers who get stuck in a 24-hour diner because of John Burges’s quest to find out the powers of a stolen ruby that results in severe damage. All the Filipino fans had a light in their eyes as they watched Lourdes Faberes shine bright. The actress herself tweeted about how nervous she was as she watched The Sandman.

Fans also did not falter in showing their support and basked her with praises. Being the sweetheart that she is, Lourdes Faberes thanked as many of her Filipino fans as she could. Furthermore, the mastermind behind the series, Neil Gaiman, himself talked about how amazing she is.

More of the Filipino actresses’ amazing works

The Filipino actress is currently residing in London. She was born in Manila. Furthermore, Lourdes Faberes has graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Among her best roles are her portrayal of Pollution in the Good Omens and her role in the phenomenal James bond movie, No Time to Die. She made her debut in Great Performances, which was produced by Jesus Christ Superstar. After her brilliant performance in Netflix‘s  The Sandman, we are sure to see Lourdes Faberes in many more amazing scripts.

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