Disturbed Viewers Took to Twitter the Trauma of Watching ‘Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey’, a Netflix True-Crime Documentary on Warren Jeffs

Disturbed Viewers Took to Twitter the Trauma of Watching ‘Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey’, a Netflix True-Crime Documentary on Warren Jeffs

Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey on Netflix is a documentary from Rachel Dretzin that dropped on the streamer on June 8th. The four-part documentary offers a disturbing look at the exploits of Rulon and Warren Jeffs and what life is like in a cult. Hulu also recently released another show based on the crimes in a Mormon society, starring Andrew Garfield. 

The show is pretty disturbing and its content, quite triggering. Therefore, ever since its release on the platform, viewers have begun to share their views on Twitter. 

What is the four-part documentary series on Netflix about?

The latest documentary tracks the history of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) and its leaders. Dubbed the Ultimate Prophet, Rulon Jeffs had convinced his followers into practicing Polygamy. He himself had 78 wives at the time of his death.

He continued to take young women as wives even when he was 85. After his death, he soon took his position as the Ultimate Prophet. He then began abusing the women in the cult. In 2008, the sect was busted and Warren was found guilty of counts of child sexual assault and is still serving time in jail. 

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What are the fans saying about Keep Sweet Pray and Obey on Netflix?

Fans, for one, were disturbed and shocked by the contents of Keep Sweet: Obey and Prey. The realities of the Mormon cult seemed mind boggling to some of them because they couldn’t digest the level of atrocities and abuse within the community.

What do the critics say?

According to the Decider, the docu-series deserves a watch.

“STREAM IT. If you want insight into a closed society that is only known via blaring headlines, then watch Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey on Netflix. Just be ready for a narrative that will make you uncomfortable and angry at the same time.”

Roger Ebert’s review is rather mixed, “The trauma created by the FLDS on its members was systemic, far-reaching, and unfathomably insidious. This documentary approaches its talking heads with empathy, but it becomes uncomfortable itself when this series about child brides feels like it’s simply dumping their trauma onto viewers, letting them sift through these various horror stories rather than providing much illumination.”

Have you streamed this documentary yet? If not, watch the show here.

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