Fans Have A Genius Idea For Robin And Steve Spin-Off, Nowhere Related To Stranger Things’ Upside Down

Fans Have A Genius Idea For Robin And Steve Spin-Off, Nowhere Related To Stranger Things’ Upside Down

Viewers got to see the nurturing friendship between Robin Buckley and Steve Harrington from season 3 of Stranger Things. Maya Hawke, playing the character of Robin, became a favorite immediately after her first appearance. And with the arrival of the new season, Robin and Steve were best friends who shared everything, including changing workplaces, and fans were all for it. Stranger Things showed both of them having an ‘always together’ bond and fans became enamored with their chemistry as they are always mocking each other. So it is natural that they want to see the duo outside the Stranger Things world.

Robin Buckley and Steve Harrington getting in and out of jobs in Stranger Things

In season 3, we saw Steve Harrington having to take up a job at an Ice-cream Parlor. His father had stopped giving him money, so he was stuck working a low-wage job. However, this job turns out to be a great experience because he finds a best friend in his coworker, Robin. They both are seen helping each other while Robin motivates Steve to ask girls out on a date since the golden boy of Hawkins has lost his charm and seemed self-conscious throughout season 3. 

In season 4, however, they both are seen working at a new place after being fired from Scoops Ahoy at the end of season 3. It becomes evident in the new season that Robin and Steve have formed a strong bond. Eventually they found a new job at Family Video Parlor, where they work together again while making it a base for gang meetings. But what if the working together aspect of Robin and Steven becomes the main storyline for the two characters?

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Fans have found a new plot for the workplace BFFs, Robin and Steve

Viewers thoroughly enjoyed the comical moments between Robin and Steve that took place at their workplace. Teenage workplace buddies roasting  nd supporting each other was new to the show, where otherwise the highlight was mysterious deadly creatures.

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Inspired with is this workplace chemistry, fans are suggesting that Robin and Steve should be cast in a new office comedy. In the Stranger Things spinoff, they will be bounced out of the job at the end of a season and would be fresh somewhere in the next.


Undoubtedly, this brilliant idea that came out of a fan’s mind can lead to something legendary like The Office sitcom. If creators are following these comments by fans, they should take down the idea. For no one knows what remarkable Robin and Steve’s chemistry can bring on stage in a different world!

All it took was one fan to suggest it…now there are more suggestions for the office comedy

While some had suggestions to make the show better, others had complete seasons and scenario planned out. We would certainly like some of these ideas panning out and for Maya Hawke and Joe Keery to star in a workplace comedy. What about you?

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