Zack Snyder Failed to Understand Superman? Fans Debate The Very Founding Stone of Snyderverse Amid WarnerBros’ Heft DCEU Decisions

Zack Snyder Failed to Understand Superman? Fans Debate The Very Founding Stone of Snyderverse Amid WarnerBros’ Heft DCEU Decisions

Superman is one of the most popular superheroes there is. The Son of Krypton enjoys a massive comic book history and is amongst pop culture’s biggest icons. Over the years, there have been plenty of movies and shows based on Superman, each trying to depict a different character version. However, one of the most unique versions of the character was given by the Army Of Dead director Zack Snyder.

Zack Snyder’s Superman had divided the entire fandom in two. While some found Snyder’s interpretation of the character amazing, others brutally criticized the director’s version. The Snydercut saw Superman with a few pivotal changes, including his attitude. Snyder’s version saw Superman no longer as a public savior who puts himself forward in the courtroom to prove his virtue but as someone saving the world because doing the right thing is his nature. But did Snyder fail to understand Superman?

Fans give their take on whether Zack Snyder failed to understand Superman

As we all know, it is Superman’s compassion and morals that made the Man Of Steel such a great superhero. Despite having incredible powers, Superman always fought for what was right. However, when Snyder first introduced Henry Cavill‘s Superman to the world in 2013, Man Of Steel, the film drew a lot of heat. Apparently, the film showed a pessimistic version of the character who overindulged in scenes of citywide destruction. Furthermore, the film was a less hopeful portrayal of Superman. As a result, several fans believe that Snyder’s version took a lot of what they valued about the character and feel the director failed to understand the character.

On the other hand, some fans came to Snyder’s defence. As per some, Man Of Steel was a different take and even though Snyder understood the character, he went out of his way to change it.

Furthermore, few even praised Snyder for bringing out a relatable version of the character through Man Of Steel.


What the future looks like for Superman?

It has been nearly a decade since Snyder introduced the world to the iconic Henry Cavill’s Superman. However, as we all know, Cavill bid farewell to the role not long ago. As James Gunn continues to rebuild the franchise, it seems like the director has a few plans for the studio’s crown jewel, a.k.a Superman. Lately, there have been no updates on who will take up the mantle after Cavill.

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Which actor do you think will be apt for the role of Superman? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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