Zack Snyder About to Turn His Upcoming Film, ‘Rebel Moon’ Into His Best Work; Here Is Why

Zack Snyder About to Turn His Upcoming Film, ‘Rebel Moon’ Into His Best Work; Here Is Why

Zack Snyder is undoubtedly one of the grandest and greatest filmmakers of all time. He recently made headlines for his upcoming, massively ambitious project, Rebel Moon, which is projected as one of the best films of 2023. But why is Snyder being hailed for a film that is still in the making and far away from its release?

Snyder is a director who puts his heart and soul into every project and this is the reason behind the massive success of all his films. But this time he is working on something of his own, which might prove to be the best work of his career.

5 reasons Rebel Moon might be the best film by Zack Snyder 

The 56-year-old has given fans a plethora of reasons to love the films he has made till today. However, this time, he seems to add a lot more to the list as he brings Rebel Moon. Although him being the director as well as the cinematographer of the film, is enough for it to be a blockbuster, there are a few more reasons why it is going to be legendary this time.

1. Snyder is an expert sci-fi director

The American director is a DC pioneer who gave the studio the best version of his famous sci-fi film franchises. The films include Man of Steel, the Justice League film series, Army of the Dead, Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman, and many more. These films have been massive hits among fans and hence there is no doubt in assuming that Rebel Moon will do great.

2. A new film franchise to die for

Fans have always loved and appreciated sci-fi film franchises and Rebel Moon might be yet another addition to their list. Since Snyder is making this film with Netflix, there are high chances for its sequels in the future.

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3. Superb casting

Another thing Zack Snyder is known for is just the right casting for his films. The filmmaker has an eye for actors who would fit in his characters’ mold appropriately. With talented actors like Sofia Boutella, Ray Fisher, and Charlie Hunnam on board, Snyder can do wonders.

4. Zack Snyder is using all his creative liberty this time

Yet again, Netflix comes into play when it comes to creative liberty. The streaming giant is known for trusting its collaborators and providing them with all the time, money, and liberty they require.

5. It looks like Star Wars with better visuals

As per Screen Rant, the filmmaker previously stated that the main idea of Rebel Moon is based on Star WarsIt is one of the greatest of all-time film franchises and there is no doubt that another film based on the same idea will never fail. Above all, it will be an advanced version of the old classic with extremely advanced visuals. Therefore, there is no chance of Snyder losing this game.

These were a few reasons why this might be Snyder’s best work to date. Rebel Moon will premiere on Netflix on December 22 this year. Tell us in the comments if you are excited about this film.

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