Zach Robinson Drops an Update of Cobra Kai Season 5 – Check Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Zach Robinson Drops an Update of Cobra Kai Season 5 – Check Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

The sequel to Karate Kid, Cobra Kai, had proved to be a major hit when it first landed on YouTube. The show would later find a new home on Netflix and would benefit a wider viewership. After season 4’s finale, fans had been eagerly waiting for Cobra Kai season 5. Recently, Zach Robinson, the composer for the show since the start, gave us an update about the upcoming season. So, here we are, digging deeper into this new update.

What will be the plot for the next season? 

Last season ended with Kreese going to jail on assault charges. With the sensei spot vacant, Terry Silver will be taking control of the dojo. Furthermore, the dojo will expand and with this, the conflict between Cobra Kai and the other dojos will increase. Kreese’s only bet to get out of the jail is none other than Johnny, who is in Mexico looking for Miguel. 

Daniel Larusso, the sensei of Miyagi-Do dojo, after learning the truth behind the dojo’s victory at the All Valley Tournament will likely break his deal. Chozen Toguchi will make a return to help Daniel get revenge. Meanwhile, mentoring Kenny into a bully will make Robby conflicted between the two dojos. Tory knows Terry bribed the referee and this will force her to make a decision. Anthony will likely learn Karate to protect himself from the threat that Kenny has become. Finally, Miguel may reconnect with his father in Mexico, but this reconnection may prove bad for him. 

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Are all the cast members returning to the show? 

Almost all the original cast members are returning for Cobra Kai season 5, with no new additions. In fact, we think some cast members missing from the show will be reappearing like Terry Silver’s friends from Karate Kid 3

Cobra Kai season 5 release date 

The anticipated show may come back to our screens in the middle of the year around July or August 2022. We can make the assumption from season 4’s schedule. It wrapped up filming in April 2021 and had a release in December 2021. But again, this entirely depends on Netflix. Season 5’s filming was completed between September to December and the show has been in post-production ever since. Zach Robinson and Leo Birenberg are collaborating on the show’s score. So far according to their Twitter update, episode 1 to 3 has been scored. 

The season’s filming mostly took place in Atlanta while some were shot in Puerto Rico. Now, with this update, we can be sure that the next season will likely reach us in the second half of the year. Are you excited for Cobra Kai to make a comeback? Comment down your thoughts below.

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One thought on “Zach Robinson Drops an Update of Cobra Kai Season 5 – Check Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

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    March 6, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    Wow, this is a fantastic article, and to think, I found it here immediately after it published – just 10 hours later, and right after I finished getting caught up with Season 4 to boot! Such a detailed and pristine update, very nice writing too! Thank you! I am so looking forward to Season 5 – so many interesting things happening with the plot – sounds like a lot will be revolving around Johnny with all of the developments surrounding Robby and Miguel respectively, which is going to be super interesting and emotional to see!

    I feel like I can’t wait, but it’s good to know my waiting won’t be for nothing, plus, it will help to more or less know when to expect the new release. I bet it’ll be done sooner than we expect…just a hunch!

    Total side note, 2022 seems to be the year of new long awaited season releases. I mean, just look at how long so many other shows have taken due to the state of the world and what not, especially the Orville!, man I love that show!

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