Your Favorite ‘The Last of Us’ Stars Will Be the Perfect Cast for DC’s Upcoming Project, and No They Are Not Pedro Pascal or Bella Ramsey

Your Favorite ‘The Last of Us’ Stars Will Be the Perfect Cast for DC’s Upcoming Project, and No They Are Not Pedro Pascal or Bella Ramsey

Every once in a while, a show makes its way to our screens and one gets completely hooked to it. Fitting the description is HBO’s post-apocalyptic story The Last Of Us. Shortly after its release, the show became massively popular among the masses with almost 4.7 million viewers watching the premiere. Furthermore, the show featured an incredible ensemble of actors. And do you know some of the actors from the show would also be a great fit for an upcoming DC project?

Not long ago, the new DC boss, James Gunn, announced a handful of upcoming projects as he laid down the groundwork for the future of the franchise. And one of the projects can perfectly cast these two stars from The Last Of Us and no, we are not talking about Pedro Pascal or Bella Ramsey.

Which DC project can feature The Last of Us cast?

The Authority is one of the much anticipated DC projects that will make its way to our screens. Penned by Warren Ellis, The Authority was a revolutionary comic book. It explored one of the first gay couples in a comic book series, Midnighter and Apollo. While the cast is yet to be announced, Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett from The Last Of Us could be an iconic cast to play the part. Offerman and Bartlett starred as Bill and Frank in The Last Of Us. The queer duo left the audience mesmerized by their incredible chemistry on-screen.

However, this pure display of queer love was short-lived. The couple had to say goodbye towards the end of the third episode. And naturally, the fans have been demanding more of the duo and DC’s The Authority might be the perfect project to witness this electrifying chemistry on-screen again.

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Why Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett are good choices for The Authority

Apollo and Midnighter share a complicated relationship that is reminiscent of Bill and Frank’s bond. Furthermore, the queer comic couple sticks with each other despite every trial and tribulation. Occasionally, even Bill and Frank’s relationship hits the rock, but towards the end, they give up their lives for each other.

However, for now, we do not have a release date or cast for the same. As per Slashfilm, The Authority is James Gunn’s passion project. Hopefully, we soon have an update about the cast and crew for this upcoming project.

What are your expectation from The Authority? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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