Young Royals Season 2 Begins Filming, Cast Teased a “Spicy and Exciting” Season

Young Royals Season 2 Begins Filming, Cast Teased a “Spicy and Exciting” Season

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Netflix’s beloved but underappreciated teen drama Young Royals. However, we have some excellent news for all of you enthusiasts. Netflix has confirmed the start of filming for Young Royals season 2 on Twitter.

This Swedish teen drama premiered on July 1, 2021. It revolves around Prince Wilhelm, a contentious royal figure who is sent to an elite prep school in Stockholm called Hillerska after a heavily publicized fight. Young Royals season 1 was only six episodes long, but it covered a lot of ground in terms of story. Besides Wilhelm’s sexual awakening, the series includes exciting plot twists such as him becoming first in line for the throne following an unexpected accident and an international video scandal.

Young Royals season 2 filming started

Netflix announced on their Twitter account that season 2 of this Swedish drama has begun filming, with a video featuring all the actors. The cast gathered in front of the Hillerska school in the video to make the big announcement. They teased a “spicy and exciting” season with a strengthened bond between Simon and Wilhelm. This season will also see the addition of new cast members.

The cast expressed gratitude to the fans, stating that not every show receives a season 2, and that it is all possible because of them. Season 2 of Young Royals was announced in September 2021, just two months after the season 1 premiere. The delay in starting production may cause the season to premiere in early 2023, but the show is officially on the road.

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Young Royals is one of many international series that have become hits for Netflix in the past two years. Young Royals isn’t quite as popular as those Spanish and Korean shows. But for a country with such a small population, the Swedish drama has clearly found its audience, which will only grow as more binge-worthy episodes become available.

If you haven’t watched Young Royals yet, what are you waiting for? Go to Netflix right now and start watching.

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