4 Moments From Jeen-Yuhs Part 2 That Defines Ye’s Journey

4 Moments From Jeen-Yuhs Part 2 That Defines Ye’s Journey

Kanye West has been in the news for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s because of his former beau Kim Kardashian or his recent documentary release. West’s documentary on Netflix, Jeen-Yuhs, has received a lot of attention since part one was released last week. Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah directed the three-part documentary.

The documentary followed Kanye as he attempted to persuade the world that he was more than just a producer. It shocked fans to see footage of people casually dismissing his potential, despite Kanye frequently recounting his struggles to be taken seriously. Most of the documentary takes place after Kanye’s infamous car accident when he becomes determined to complete his debut album. Jeen-Yuhs is not your typical documentary; there are no sit-down interviews. Let us go over a few of the more interesting episodes.

Jeen-Yuhs on Netflix discussed

The Roc-A-Fella News Conference

Part two begins with a Roc-A-Fella press conference led by Dame Dash. “There’s a lot going on at Roc-A-Fella,” Dame says a few months after Kanye signed with the label.

The Bounce and Champions recording

Kanye West hustles his way onto two songs. First, he asks Jay-Z if he can rap on “The Bounce,” a Timbaland-produced Blueprint 2 cut, and Jay agrees. Kanye appears to have contributed a verse to the Paid in Full Soundtrack posse cut “Champions.” It’s not the most important song in Ye’s catalog but, like many scenes in Part 2, it demonstrates how Kanye’s work ethic contributed to his success.

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The “Slow Jamz” Session

We see Jamie Foxx record the “Slow Jamz” hook, but the song is underplayed in the documentary in comparison to its importance to Kanye’s rise. The success of “Slow Jamz” was one of the main reasons Roc-A-Fella finally believed in him. While The College Dropout generated several Top 40 hits, “Slow Jamz” was the album’s only number-one single.

Impressing Pharrell

While the documentary shows how many people questioned Kanye, it also shows how many people believed in him. Pharrell, one of the hottest producers in the world recognizes Kanye’s talent as a rapper almost immediately and offers him sound advice.

These are some highlights of Kanye’s new documentary Jeen-Yuhs. If you want to know more about Kanye West’s music journey, watch the documentary on Netflix.

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