You Season 3: Sneak Peek of Everything Netflix Could Tell Us

You Season 3: Sneak Peek of Everything Netflix Could Tell Us

The countdown for You Season 3 is running faster as the release date comes closer. Netflix leaves no chance to tease its fans and same it did about the upcoming season.

YOU is one of Netflix’s guilty pleasures which you cannot stop once you start. Upon watching it, viewers get an inner urge to complete the entire series in one go. Exciting and full of suspense, YOU is one of the best psychological thriller shows on Netflix. It is the story of a lonely man who craves love. Joe Goldberg is our protagonist. He is an extremely obsessive man who can go to any length for “love”. It’s a mix of the perfect amount of freshness and dangerous insane twists which makes You an addiction.

Netflix’s You so far (Let’s recap)

Joe is a New York bookstore manager who falls in love with a girl named Beck, an aspiring writer who also shares an infatuation with Joe in the last part of season 1 thinking “it’s all love.” Beck is unaware of Joe’s obsession and murderous nature. Through social media, he tracks all her activities, inserts himself into Beck’s life, and removes every obstacle between their romance. YOU sheds light on how our lives are exposed on social media platforms. This series makes you question the lengths one will go to win the “love of your life?”

In the second season, Joe runs away to Los Angeles and meets Love and her brother Forty. He starts over with a new identity and goes beyond to establish a successful relationship with Love. But the show hooked up the audience with a huge twist in the plot, which stepped up into a dark-thriller game when Candace, Joe’s first victim, entered the show.

Love was forced to reveal her true colors and confront her true nature. She is also an obsessive stalker just like Joe and can go beyond everything to save her relationship – one that will continue in the upcoming season.

Everything revealed yet about You Season 3

YOU’s second season’s last episode gives us a hint that Joe’s next victim is his next-door neighbor. Season 3 will focus on “are they going to live happily ever after?”

Netflix released a YouTube video telling us everything it can, only to tease us. With teasing hints, this short video only adds to our excitement.

From the trailer, we know that Joe and Love are trying to become a regular American couple, but they can’t because they are murderers. The town is like “tacky ugly nature” and “there is no privacy” in this town. Everyone is not as squeaky clean in the town as they may seem. But, in the real twist, there is a new “you” who is their next-door neighbor.

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