“I Thought I Could Save Everybody”: Netflix’s Lost in Space Season 3 Teaser Released

“I Thought I Could Save Everybody”: Netflix’s Lost in Space Season 3 Teaser Released

The last season of Netflix’s Lost In Space is nearing its release. The popular science fiction show is a Netflix Original series, based on a 1965 American TV series of the same name. A teaser trailer has been dropped, and it’s electrifying yet touching.

This show was premiered on Netflix on April 13, 2018. Before Netflix even confirmed season 3, the crew had already started working for its renewal. That’s how exceptional the show is. The creators were enough confident about a final season 3.

The co-writer Burk Sharpless of Lost In Space says, “They kind of let you write on it, and then they don’t give you the green light until after the show comes out. But it’s pretty good so they’re gonna”. On March 9th, 2020, Netflix renewed Lost In Space for the third and final season. It will be live on the platform on December 1, 2021.

What will happen in the final season of Netflix’s Lost In Space?

The third season will raise all bars of tests for the Robinson family. Their survival instincts will be pushed to the ultimate challenge. Judy, Penny, Will, and the Robot must lead the 97 young Colonists in a perilous evacuation after a year of being stranded on a foreign planet. Though, this would not happen before some secrets are revealed that will affect their lives forever. Meanwhile, John and Maureen, with Don, face insurmountable hurdles in their attempt to reconnect with their children. As they face the greatest alien threat yet, the Robinsons will have to deal with the emotional challenges of not only being lost but also being separated from the ones they love. – per the Netflix synopsis.

The stakes are higher than ever in the Lost in Space season 3, and the teaser released on Friday just reveals that.

The teaser starts with Will Robinson saying, “If you’re watching this recording, there is a chance things didn’t work out the way I hoped would.” To add further thrill to our waiting, he adds, “This is my final transmission.”

Who will be there in the final season?

The final season will feature the entire Robinson family – the parents, Maureen played by Molly Parker, and John played by Toby Stephens, and the kids Judy, Will, and Penny played by Taylor Russell, Maxwell Jenkins, and Mina Sundwall respectively.

Sibongile Mlambo, who played the role of Angela in the first season, will return in the final season. Villains like Parker Posey and Ignacio Serricchio as Jane Harris and Don West respectively will come back too.

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How excited are you about Lost In Space season 3? Would you like to join the family on this last adventure?

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